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25 Year Reunion 2001

1H,2J,3K,4K,5K Amorphous Amorphous

Mark Brady
Chris Carley
Jon Casey
Jon Chapman 2
Andrew Clarke
Phil Doyle
James Elder
Michael Fagan
Liam Gavin
Finton Griffin

Gerald Kielty
Tim Kitchen
Ian Knott
Andrew Kravitz

Paul Lonsdale
Breck Mc Cloed
Danny Mc Cullough
Richard Mckie
Billy Meek

Paul Quinnan
Andrew Saxon
Howard Sharples
Michael Sheehy
Lee Speakman
Marcus Sutcliffe
Paul Walker
Graham Wood
Andrew Atherton

Pete Beirne


Nicoli Bodnar

John Bridge
Anthony Caffery
Dave Callaghan
Anthony Cannon
Alan Cookson
Eddie Corr
Steve Cosgrove

William (Bill) Donnelly

Matthew Dowling

Mike Fannon died 2001
Bernard Fitzpatrick

Greg Foulds
Antonio Garrido

Danny Hirst
John Hopkins
Chris Hoyle
Francis James

Neil King
Clark Lawlor

Mark Lincoln

Alec Major
Phil Mannion
Ian Martin

? Matthews
Steve McGovern
James MacIntyre

John O'Grady

John O'Reilly
Kieran Redman
Andrew Ryan

Mark Sheehy
Andrew Shore
Lee Speakman

Mike Thorpe  

Anthony Valgimeili
John Walker

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1 Marketing manager of Stockport County FC
2 Last seen as local DJ 'Johnny Durex'