St Augustine's Grammar School Old Boys

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1L,2U,3T 1F, 2S, 3N, 4S, 5Y 1D,2W,?3T,?4R,5H
? Bates
Christopher Bowden
? Brown
? Brady
Philip Broadhurst
Stephen Callaghan
James Canniffe
Stephen Clarke
Brian Davies
Harry Davis
Anthony Fryer
Joseph Greevy
Paul Hackney
Clive Hadfield
Michael Heyes
(?which) Hoban
John Kane
James King
Peter Kinsley
Mark McCall
Terence Mahon
Joseph Millar
Stephen Monaghan
Bernard Morris
John Nicholson
? O'Rourke
Christopher Oster
Shaun Pomeroy
Peter Reilly
Mark Richardson
Geoffrey Sharps
Robert Ward
Laurence Wyche
Terence Birch 'Tex'
Peter Brennan
James Britton
Anthony Canniffe
Paul Cave
Martin Cummins
Taras Cymbalisty
Vincent Dolan
Peter Greenwood
Robert Gryg
Stephen Henderson
Jan Kalinowski
Paul Lavin
Murray Leach
Peter Marshall
Michael O’Neill
Gerald Sundquist (died 1993)
Lawrence Tickle
David Waddington (died 1968)
Thomas Walsh
Kevin Wason
John Williams
David Banks
Simon Barnicott
Michael Barrett
Alan Beswick
Robert Bolton
Michael Brennan
Bernard Brown
Damian Brown
Michael Carney

Stephen (Paul) Cartwright
Michael Cawley
Lawrence Coughtrey
Arthur Davies
Brian Davies
John Devine
John Dodd
Kevin Edwards
Peter Farr RIP March 2018
Christopher Gibbs
Simon Godfrey
John Guilfoyle
Michael Hall
Daniel Hancock
Carl Hoban
Richard Hoban
Andrew Houghton
Paul Hughes
Bernard Laybourn
Michael McCourt
Joseph McDermott
Raymond McGlone
John McNabb
Martin Madden
Anthony Miles
Paul Mitchell
John Mittelstead
Philip Montgomery
John Negus
James O’Brien
Michael O’Donovan
John O’Gara
Andrew Priest
John Rioney
Gerard Scott
Andrew Shortall
Paul Tsim Tak Po
John Sweeney
Peter Turner
Peter West
Peter Wharton


The third list almost certainly contains a few from other forms
These lists are almost certainly incomplete being compiled from speechday programs.
Please email Webmaster with any omissions