St Augustine's Grammar School Old Boys


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Patrick Aherne
Jonathon Axon 'Acko'
Martin Barber 'Babs'
Steve Bills 'Billo'
Mark Box 'Boite'
Robert Byrne
Francis Conor
Mark Culley 'Cudge/Cudgie'
Dominic Delia 'My,my, my Delilah'
Paul Fay
Keith Foster 'Knob-Face'
Carl Gallagher 'Gaz'
Dave Hall
David Harding 'Thomas'
Neil Harvey 'Nellie'
Patrick Healy
Philip Howells
Jonathan Hulse 'bulldog'
Stephen Humphries
Dave Ireland
Anthony Jefferies 'Jeff'
Simon Johnson 'Jimmy'
Peter Law 'Denis'
Ciaran McCarthy 'Thudge'
Peter McCauley 'Greenie'
James McDaid
Simon McGrory 'Snaz'
Jeremy Murphy 'spud'
Bernard Nuttall 'Barney'
Liam O'Neill 'Nelly'
William Reagan
Paul Rowland 'Pudding'
Colin Tiernan
Martin Willoughby 'Spinly'
Anthony Wood

John Smithson 'Jock'

Martin Allen
Antony Barrow
Paul Boardman 'Boardy'
Mark Breheny
Francis Carroll
Gerard Chicot
Francis Collins
David Conville
Kevin Cooke 'Calamine Kev'
Mark Davis
Alan Edwards 'Eddie'
Paul Fitzgerald
Adrian Gaughan
William Gillan
Mike Hampson 'Samps'
Paul Hannan
Mark Hardman
Damian Hickey 'Doc'
P Norman Kavanagh
Kevin Kelly
Luke Lingard
Paul Lynch
Eugene Nelson
Paul Philbin
Edmund Pickersgill
Steven Riley
David Rothwell
John Saxon
Michael Shaugnessy
Paul Sweeney
Michael Swinburne
Dave Thurston
Peter Whatnall
Martin Wood

?Cornelius Mahoney

Mark Allcock
John Beck
Paul Booth
Mark Bowdon
Mike Bruton
Stephen Clarke
Richard Clear
Andrew Cole
Stellianos Coutsavalis
Des Cox
Michael Davies
Phillip Duffy
Andrew Fielding 'Henry'
Tony Flannagan
Paul Gill
Mike Griffin
Mike Grundy
Chris Hamilton
Patrick Healey
Paul Humphries
Paul Johnston
Anthony Lee
Sean Mc Garthy
Anthony McNally
Colin Mannion
(John) Kevin Moran
John Morgan-Evans
Paul Murphy
Anthony O'Connor 'O'Co'
Mark Power
Kevan Pratt
Stephen Quinn
John Timmons
Robert Underwood

Names contributed by
Paul Fay, Paul Johnston, John Timmons, Neil Harvey, Phil Howells, Antony Barrows Mark Allcock and Paul Philbin.

Alternative names also provided by members of this year
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