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1l, 2J, 3S, 4R, 5R
Ankers, Ian 'fozzy'
Brown, Andy 'Charlie'
Costello, John
Cullinane, Noel
Davison, Sam
Day, Mike
Donnelly, Anthony
Fitzsimmons, Dominic
Gascoigne, Anthony 'Gaz'
Grainger, Vin
Greenhalgh, John
Hopkinson, Shaun 'Hoppy'
Joyce, Martin
Mannion, Nick
Kay, Peter
Chris Keeling
Kierman, Dave 'Big Jim'
Knowles, Greg
Lavin, Jimmy
Leyden, Martin
Lowe, Phil
McCann, Andy
Matthews, Tim 'Dibbidy'
Molloy, Dave
O'Sullivan, Paul
Proffitt, Steve
Purcell, Mike
Ralphs, Martin
Regan, Steve
Riley, John 'Jack'
Roberts, Mark 'Bob'
Stevenson, Howard
Walker, Barris
Wood, Ged
Wrafter, Dave
1M, 2N, 3P, 4Q, 5?
(4Q: say it fast - get it ? we did)

Blackburn, Ian
Calnan, Colin
Chapman, Mike 'Chappy'
Columb, Aidan 'Eric'
Dean, Phil
Doherty, Mike 'Doc'
Dwyer, Paul
Eaton, Michael
Entwistle, Mark
Fay, Richard
Finn, Terry
Hardman, Damian
Haymes, Andrew
Heap, Jeff
Howells, Adrian
Irvine , Richard 'Titch'
Joy Damian
Kavanagh, Ged
Knowles, Paul
Lythgoe, Mark
McHugh, Steve
McFaddyen, Phil
McKie, Nick
Maher, Johnnie 
Matthews, Dave
Moroney, Adrian 'Mac'
O' Callaghan, Sean
Tighe, Mark 'Tash'
Thompson, Paul
Rowbottom (O'Hara), Chris 'Tiny'
Waldron, Gregory
Walsh, Andy
Westhall, William
Whelan, John
Williams, David 'Tank'
Woodward, Martin
Body, Ged
Box, Jonathan
Brennan, Billy
Burke, Noel 'Turkey'
Burns, Mark 'Rosey'
Chadwick, Anthony 'Compo'
Chapman, Peter
Clayton, Nigel 'Mouse'
Cochrane, Francis 'Benny'
Conway, Sean 'Sugar Ray'
Cunningham, Paul 'Cunny'
Devoy, Bernard 'Divs'
Doran, Chris 'Dosser'
Duff, Mike
Fowell, Johnny
Ginty, Anthony 'Gunter'
Greenhall, Patrick
Griffith, Gerard 'Sam Swot'
Hamnett, Dave 'Dickey'
Harney, Martin 'Barney' or 'Captain'
Haughey, Martin 'Ship'
Keeley, Sean 'Lancs'
McGahan, Stephen 'Spoofer'
McShane, James
Meek, Gary 'Deek'
More, Robert 'Hobare'
Mullen, Christopher
Naughton, Joey
O'Shea, Tim 'Baby Face'
Page, Richard 'Titch'
Stewart, Ian
Toal, Paul 'Toad' or 'Todd'
Walsh, Peter 'Wombal'
Wolf, Jonathon
Wright, Paul
Burrows, Peter; Conroy, John; Donaghue, Stephen; Doyle Mark; Durkin, Robert; Fallon, Thomas; Gibbons, Michael; Lennon, Nicholas; McLoughlin, John; Mason, Jeffrey; Pratt, Andrew; Towey, Michael

Names contributed by David Williams, Richard Fay,Chris Keeling, Chis Doran, Paddy Greenhall and Nick Mannion
Alternative names provided by members of this year!
Those names in blue joined that class as St John Plessington from other schools
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