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Ian Ankers < i.ankers@tinyworld.co.uk >'fozzy'

Billy Brennan < billb@mosscare.co.uk >

Brown, Andy < drewtheblue@hotmail.com >
living in manchester, married with children, manager at a reprographics company

Noel Burke <noelb@brom101.freeserve.co.uk>
Bromsgrove, Worcs

Colin Calnan < colincalnan@yahoo.co.uk >
15 Melrose Avenue, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 2BH
Home Telephone: 020-8953-6597/Work Telephone: 020-451-6020/Fax: 020-451-9080
Occupation: Chartered Surveyor
Family: Wife + 3 boys + 3 cats
Interests: Flying, Saracens RFC

Mike Chapman <amanda.chapman@connectfree.co.uk>
Teaching. Evesham, Worcs

Aidan Columb <aidanm1columb@netscapeonline.co.uk>

Mike Day < mike.day@kingswayfinance.com >

Chris Doran <mail@cjdoran.co.uk>

Paul Dwyer <paul.dwyer@marktwo.co.uk>

Richard Fay < frjfay@aol.com >
Lecturer in TESOL, Intercultural Communication and Distance Education at Manchester University

Terry Finn <terencefinn@aol.com>

Dominic Fitzsimmons <dominic@fitzsimmons63.freeserve.co.uk>

Paddy Greenall <pad.ju@tinyworld.co.uk>

David Hamnett < dhamhow@netscapeonline.co.uk
Occupation: Engineer

Sean Hopkinson < HOPPY2903@aol.com >
Live in United Kingdom 2 daughters who live in florida
Famous Moments: took day off sick the day of the great fire

Ged Kavanagh < ged.kavanagh@ntlworld.com >

Sean Keeley < keeley.sean@btopenworld.com >
Thrapston, Northants
Married to Debbie with three children, Matthew (5), Gemma (3) and Andrew (10 months)
07736 174915 (M)

David 'Jim' Kierman <D.Kierman@umist.ac.uk>

Jimmy Lavin < Jamdankat@ntlworld.com
Occupation: Accountant
Family: Married to Heather - kids 2 boys & a girl
Interests: playing in a band (with Billy Brennan)
Famous Moments: Still waiting/trying to be famous
Other Information: Working as Finance Director for healthcare company in Stockport (it's very exciting...)

Phil Lowe < lowey@villarospo.co.uk >
Timperley, Manchester
1kid, two cars!

Mark Lythgoe < mlythgoe@ich.ucl.ac.uk > Senior Research Fellow in Neurophysiology
RCS Unit of Biophysics, Institute of Child Health, University College London,  30 Guilford Street WC1N 1EH
[http://www.geocities.com/m_lythgoe/ ]

Philip Lowe <lowey@pal6463.freeserve.co.uk>

Nick  McKie < NicholasMckie@btinternet.com >
Occupation: Chartered Physio
Family: Twin girls

Nick Mannion < nmannion@btopenworld.com >
Bowdon, Cheshire
Occupation: Account Manager for Telecom Carrier
Family: Married, no kids.

Tim Matthews 'Dibbidy!' <: timm@tpmm63.freeserve.co.uk>

Rob More < rob_more@yahoo.co.uk >
Married with 2 kids.
Work as computer programmer.
Still live in Manchester area.

Joey Naughton < fatshoes@supanet.com >
Teaching (inclusion unit) Stockport

Sean O'Callaghan <k9perv@hotmail.com>
Cheadle Hulme

Paul O'Sullivan < Posathome@aol.com >
Spent many years touring as a professional musician. Now working as lecturer
in Modern History and curriculum leader in Humanities for MAES. Two beautiful
children, Christy and Kitty. 

Richard Page < ptheg@yahoo.co.uk >

Martin Ralphs <home@martinralphs.com>

John Riley < suzanne.riley@tesco.net > 'Jack'
Occupation: (Aftersales product manager for fork lift truck manufacturer.)
Family: Married 7 years, no kids
Interests: My main obsession (Suzanne says it's definatly not a hobby)is a large collection of British post war military vehicles. They range from a Thorneycroft Antar tank transporter(complete with its trailer) to an Austin Champ (British equivalent to the Jeep).
Famous Moments: Knocked out Johnny Maher in a scrap by the bike sheds after a toussle in the tuck shop Q.
Other Information: Went straight to work for Renold Chain at Burnage as a Technician apprentice, transfered to Renold Research & Development, Style after 12 months. completed apprenticeship. worked in automotive R&D for 2 years then left before financial colapse to work as a field service engineer for BT Rolatruc fork lift trucks. Promoted to Teritory Service Manager after 18 months. Became engineering services manager after 5 years(looking after a team of 30 field service engineers in the north west). In 1996 took on the role of UK Aftersales Product Manager for counter balance trucks.

Andy Walsh <andrew.walsh@butterworths.com>

David Williams ('Tank')


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