St Augustine's Grammar School Old Boys

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Stephen Ball
Martin Brabazon
Stephen Brady

Alistair Chapman
Michael Craven
Michael Dawson
Anthony Flannagan
Peter Fogarty
John Gibb
Nigel Green
Andrew Hall
Barrie Hayes
Andrew Higgins
John Hollins
Mark Hopkins died 1972
Anthony Hulse
Aiden Joy
Michael Kavenagh 'Nipper'
Martin Knowles
Carl Lavin
Stephen Livesey
James Lonergan
Anthony Lyons
Stephen McCabe
Desmond McGinity
Damian McHugh
Joseph McLaughlin
Michael Maguire
Zygmunt Markiewicz
Kevin Marshall
Stephen Meehan -died 1988
Edmund Millar
Philip Shaw
Martin Stevenson
Simon Terry
David Thompson
Michael Brennan
Michael Byrne
Norman Cassidy
John Darbyshire
Martin Darcy
Martin Dempsey
Michael Douglas
Paul Ferenczi
Peter Good
Mark Hadfield
Michael Halton
John Hampson
Benjamin Harding
Michael Healy
Peter Henshaw

Gregory Howell
Christopher Kenny
Martin Kilheeny
Michael McNicholas
Patrick McPartland
Andrew Mannion
Peter Montgomery
Nicholas Moss
Michael Nelson
Martin Nugent
Michael O’Donnell
Stefan Sobota
John Stevenson
Stephen Whittaker
Simon Wood
John Bell
Philip Beswick
Mark Brennan
David Byrne
Paul Coffey
Stepan Cymbalisty
John Davies
Gerard Doyle
Adrian Fedyk
Stephen Fisher
John Fitzgerald
Anthony Flannery
John Grundy
David Hardman
David Heap
Mark Howells
Mark Ireland
Steven Johnston
Paul Kilkenny
Paul McGagh
Andrew McHugh
Anthony McKenna
David Meschi
David O’Gara
Robert O’Sullivan
Paul Quinn
Nicholas Sinclair
Adrian Tratalos
Sean Wallwein
Nicholas Walmsley-Jones
Michael Wickham
John Wood
Graham Young
Vincent Duffy and John Healy (both from St Mark's), Alan Acton, John Nolan, Anthony McNeill, , John Tiernan, Vincent Murphy, Patrick Mc Loughlin and Gerard Burton (all from St Pius X Boys Secondary in Rusholme.) and Peter Carabin joined in our Lower 6th year (1976)
John Humphries and Martin Lannon joined the 6th form in 1976, from All Hallows.

Thanks to Tony Lyons Andrew McHugh and Vincent Murphy for clarification of this list
These lists are almost certainly incomplete being compiled from speechday programs.
Please email with any omissions