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St Augustine's Grammar School

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Simon Barnicott < barnicott@supanet.com >
Occupation: spent the last 24 years working for the Inland Revenue, but have only dealt with tax for the last seven months. 
Interests: stopped playing rugby after spending most of a season recovering from four dislocated shoulders ( no not deformed just did one three times!). 
Family: wife (Elizabeth) and children (Kathryn 14 and Jonathan 11)

Alan Beswick <alan@abeswick.freeserve.co.uk>
Teaching History, Stockport

Tex Birch <terry.birch@virgin.net>

Rob Bolton < robbolton@waitrose.com>
Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Bernard Brown < bb@berkeleybrown.com >

Stephen Callaghan < steve@premiumdomains.co.uk >
Teaching in North Manchester

Stephen Carter < >
Gatley, Cheshire
Family: Lynn my wife and an accumulation of 7 children - thankfully of an age to leave
(assume this refers to latter! Ed)

Stephen (Paul) Cartwright < spc@spcmc.com >
Washington DC USA
Occupation: Health & Safety Manager (Aircraft Fueling)
Family: Married to Melanie (17 years)
Children Victoria 12 and Rebecca 9
Other Information: Lived in around Stockport / Cheadle Hulme until '99 when moved to Washington DC USA. as expat for BP

Steven Clark <>

Loz Coughtrey joandloz@ntlworld.com
45 Pasturefield Road, Peel hall, Manchester, M22 5JX

Brian Davies <bbkay46@aol.com>
Occupation: Firefighter
Family: Wife Kay, daughter Nicola 24, son Matthew 20

Harry Davis <jan1@uk.packardbell.org >
Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse Manager (RMN)
Family: Wife-Janet, 2 Daughters, Hannah-17 and Jessie-9
Interests: Watching Rugby Union (Sale Sharks), Cycling.
Other Information: Finished English degree at Manchester. Local Government then psychiatric nursing.

Vincent Dolan <vincent.dolan@ukonline.co.uk>

Chris Gibbs <chrisgibbs@tiscali.co.uk>

Pete Greenwood <petegreenwood@talk21.com>

Joseph Greevy < joegreevy@hotmail.com >
Occupation: Chartered Quantity Surveyor
Family: Wife - Izzy
1 son & 1 daughter
Interests: Watching rugby, drinking, sailing and golf but not necessarily in that order.
Also travelling and the search for world peace.
Other Information: Graduated 1978 from Leeds Poly (Quantity Surveying), spent 3 years working in Manchester, 3 years in Libya, 5 years in London and moved to Southampton in 1988.Not much else to say - married 2 kids and drive a Volvo estate. God it makes depressing reading - I must try and get out more.

Philip Montgomery <philipam@aol.com >
Occupation: Past 18 years teaching science, before that research engineer
Family: married to Karin (15 years). children David 13, James 10 and Sara 6.
Interests: climbing, archery, mountain biking
Other Information: like drinking west coast malts.

Andrew Priest < mpriest@xtra.co.nz >
Wellington , New Zealand.
Occupation: IT consultant, DBA, data architect, etc. An IT 'geek'
Family: Married, no children
Interests: Classic cars, Hiking, Wine, Travel
Other Information: Left in 1973, went to Ferranti Wythenshawe, by the airport, did software training, and got degree. Got married to Margaret in 1978, and we're still together. Stayed until Ferranti went down the tubes (receivership - 1991 ?) and got a job near Bristol. Finally had enough of EU bullsh*t and the traffic, and moved to New Zealand in 1996.
In NZ, have had several IT jobs/contracts, currently working for Ministry of Agriculture in Wellington. Worked on several 'firsts' for computerised business and police applications.
Now I'm enjoying being a Grumpy Old Man, living here, the fabulous scenery, but not the Sunburn !
Famous Moments: Heavy metal music one morning instead of the organ music before assembly (don't think the culprit was found ?) Sliding down the mount in the snow on an abandoned car bonnett.... Making fart noises in Dennison's music class and being whacked... Playing 'spears' in the end demo form room (2n'd floor ?) with others, and breaking the flourescent, quickly cleaning up to remove all the evidence and then one of the masters asking who had stolen the tube....

Ged Scott < gedscott@hotmail.com >
Occupation: Chartered Building Surveyor - with Met Police Property Services - providing cell blocks for those Old Boys still in need of discipline!
Family: Wife Pam, daughters Hannah (10) Rachael(5)
Interests: Clay shooting, golf, swimming
Other Information: Went to Oxford Polytechnic (HN Building) 74 to 77. Lived in London since 1977.

Gerald Sundquist (died 1993)

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