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25 Year Reunion

Graham Bagshaw < gbagshaw@epartnersolutions.com > 'Baggy'
United States
Occupation: Computer programmer
Family: Married - no kids yet.
Other Information: I did an apprenticeship, worked all over Manchester. Then spent 8 years working at Sellafield before moving to the USA in Aug. '99. Now living and working near Boston.

Steve Bellis (stevebellis@ukonline.co.uk )
marketing manager of Stockport County Football Club.

Nick Bodnar
Heaton Moor
Occupation: Operations Manager Royal Mail (Wilmslow)
Family: Married. 3 Children..........all girls
Interests: Music.....playing guitar and Man. Utd

Dominic Box < box.family@talk21.com >

Jason Birch < >
Harpenden , Herts

Andy Clark < andycmba@yahoo.com >

Paul Donnelly < paulonthehill@hotmail.com 'Paddyplateface'
Occupation: Probation Officer
Married, two sons aged 9 & 5
Famous Moments: Not being included on school list, probably because everybody got me mixed up with Liam Donnelly even though we are not related.
Other Information: Went to Loreto and then to Poly. Spent a few summers working in USA on summer camps. Married in 1990 and moved around UK with work.

Alex Dowd < alex.dowd@morse.com >
webpage: http://www.morse.com
Telephone (work): 0161 8690027
Occupation: IT Sales Manager

Paul Ford < paul.ford40@ntlworld.com > 'fordy'
(H): 07989 405074
Occupation: publican
Family: one son aged 14

Jez Griffiths < > 'Jez'
Occupation: GP in Nottingham/team dr Nottingham Forest FC
Family: 2 girls and my wife hel
Interests: Family; Football..still play (2004); running 10k (maximum); man city neurotic; Indie music
Famous Moments: Bit of a school swot I guess,but avoided beatings by being reasonably decent at sport.
Other Information: Lived in Nottingham since 1989
Went to medical school here as a bit of a Morrissey lookalike.
Alas the hairs disappearing after too many years of gels (sic),mousses etc.Still Charles Atlas physique.

Antonio Garrido < antonio@garrido.fsbusiness.co.uk >
Cheadle Hulme

Anthony Green < agreen170@aol.com > 'Greeny'
Occupation: Sales manager@ Manchester Saab
Family: one lad Bradley aged 16
Interests: Boozing & partying still
Famous Moments: going home during cross country running for half an hour.Getting strapped every day.nicking toffees off Kenny

Fred Harding < morrison_harding@shaw.ca >
Officer in the West Vancouver police , Canada.

Steve Law < SteveLaw64@aol.com >

Dave Marsland < dave@dmarsand.fsnet.co.uk >
Occupation: film/video editor

Carl Morris < carl.morris@granadamedia.com >

Bill Murphy < murphykb@cytanet.com.cy
Family: One wife, three kids
Famous Moments: Wasted the opportunity of a fantastic education because I didn't give a f**k !!
Other Information: Left school, got a shite apprenticeship (as an electrician) with the Direct Works. Stuck that out for 4 years (I was indentured)joined the RAF as an electronics technician.(Radar, HF Comms, IT Networking etc) Have now been in for 16 years, loved most of it, hated some of it. Travelled a lot, have lived in the Med for 6 years, and am now on another 3 years here in Cyprus. After that, it's 3 years left to do until I'm chillin' out with my pension !!

John Peduzzi < johnpeduzzi@lineone.net >
Shefford, Bedfordshire

Mike Start <deb_mick_start@quista.net>

Kevin White < keven.white@tiscali.co.uk >
back in sunny stockport
Occupation: Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist
Family: married to Dominique 11 years, 2 pan lids
Other Information: crossed the pennines for 5 years to do nurse training, then withington, stepping hill and now macclesfield as a professional mourner but having a great, if "sick", laugh about life

Garrick Williams < Garique@bellsouth.net > 'Keblai'
Miami Florida
Occupation: Auto Tech
Family: 2 Beautiful girls twelve and ten
Interests: Finding away back home
Famous Moments: Poision

Tim Wyatt < TimWyatt@bowgreen.freeserve.co.uk
Wirral, Merseyside
Occupation: Company Director
Family: Married, 2 Children
Interests: Making some money
Other Information: Went to Loreto, the Liverpool University for 8 years, worked for Softlab (BMW), Computer Associates, KSS and now have my own company.

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