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Promised: What's New

The Headmaster on Monsignorship
More Letters from the Headmaster

More old exam papers!
More staff photos

3D Virtual recontruction of school

What's New
Jan 2021 FJM Obitituary for Downing College by Rev Thomas Hurley
Thanks to Greg Knowles
May 2017 Products from the Metalwork Room
Thanks to Dave Ransome
Jan 2009 More on From the Head Master page (Thanks DMF)
Speechday Photo
more Musical Events
Original 1966 School Plan (for new boys)
More letters and memoranda from Head Master (all from Dave Ransome - Thanks)
Jan 2006 More on Out of School page
May 2003 New Photo on Football page featuring U12 finalists in 1970
Feb 2003 More on Peter Foley
Jan 2003 Monographs from a School Mathematics Project
New Letter from the Headmaster (Thanks Niall)
Stripes in Magenta 7 (Lent Term)
More names on Mike and Mark)
66 photo (Thanks Tony,
Nov 2002 Photos from Peter Yearsley including more Out of School (London in 72) and 1966 Formal Photo (with many names)
Move to www.staugs.org with forwarding from www.staugustines.org.uk allowing for expansion and more stable Message Board etc.
Additions to TV TOTF page - Thanks Sally
Mass on Day1 1965 - Thanks Peter (Hartt)
Oct 2002 Major problems at ISP Server causing Message Board etc to malfunction
Sep 2002 New Pages
Threads from Message Board
Tales from Assembly
"Rose Tinted Glasses"
Smooth Approach
Last days - recollection
Football Memories
The 44 Bus
... and more...
Enhanced Quotes, Anecdotes, Apocrypha and Tales from Sharston Mount
Message Board suspended then reinsted in revised form
- pruned with cutting placed in website proper
- open only to Old Boys/Staff using password
- report abuse facility
- new code of conduct
Aug 2002 In Which 'Pooh Bear' is encouraged to examine his own navel!
Jul 2002 shawn "expelled"!
Jun 2002 Simon Withers takes on pages for 75 entry
Mar 2002 Day 1 photo of the Webmaster (Thanks Paul!)
Feb 2002 More anecdotes
New letters from the Headmaster (Thanks Andy and Steve)


Imminent: What's New

Another letter from Headmaster (March 1969) - Thanks Niall
Monograms from School Mathematics Project
More Exam papers

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  • Formal school photos
  • Programs from Theatrical Productions
  • Any other photos re school, staff and boys
  • School roll numbers
  • Any Speechday tape
  • Copies of School Mathematics Project
  • Possible: What's New
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    Old Boys in press (What the newspapers have had to say about us)
    Downloadable 159 ring tone for Mobile Phone