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Journey's End Toad of Toad Hall The Royal Imp of Fame The Marvellous History of St Bernard

Journey's End

By R C Sherriff

Presented by St Augustine's Grammar School, Upper Sixth Year 1975

Stanhope commander of an infantry company Mark Greenall
Osborne officers of the company Christopher Start
Trotter Michael Cooke
Hibbert John Gill
Raleigh Christopher Jones
The Colonel Con Gregg
Mason the officers' cook Alan Johnstone
Sergeant Major Andrew Stavordale
Hardy an officer of another regiment John Cameron
Broughton   Stephen O Donnell
A young German soldier Gerard Battle

Announcement to Parents

Directed by: Richard Scrowston
Designed by: Allen Addis
Lighting/Sound: Peter Fay
Damian Kenny
Box Office Manager: Harry Rigby
Make-up: Christine Dawson
Christine Wood
Production Manager: John Cameron
Stage Manager and Properties: Andrew Stavordale

Today, we find ourselves unable to appreciate the tremendous enthusiasm that gripped all the European peoples in 1914 at the outbreak of the war. Young men with dreams of glory flocked in their thousands to take up arms against the enemy, spurred on by the leaders of their nation and encouraged by their wives, friends and families. But, by Christmas 1914, all the dreams of a quick and easy victory were shattered. A line of trenches stretched from Switzerland to the English Channel.. This was the Western Front, graveyard of over half a million British soldiers by the end of the war in November 1918. For the men in the front line, mud, rats, cold weather and deprivation were a part of everyday life: gone was the glory and the honour of battle - in its place was hardship and constant fear of death.

"Journey's End" was written ten years after the war and seeks to recall something of the horror of life in the Front Line. It is set in 1918 just before the final German offensive and takes place in a dug-out.

Our production has eleven characters. Stanhope, the young Captain, who resorts to whisky in order to cope with pressures of a long spell of duty at the front. Osborne, a schoolmaster, is an older, avuncular character, who spreads a calming influence. The obese Trotter and the frightened Hibbert appear at first to be stereotypes but reveal unexpected qualities. Raleigh is a newcomer, straight from Stanhope's public school full of enthusiasm for his hero and for the war. The Colonel is an unemotional, awkward man trying to do his distasteful job. Hardy is the jovial Captain whom Stanhope relieves, while Mason, the cook, punctuates the action with his wry remarks. The cast also includes an immensely dependable Sergeant-Major, and two young privates, one from each side, representative of the bemused millions caught up in the larger conflict which this play attempts to mirror. (Christopher Start)

Toad of Toad Hall

(Play from "The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Music by H. Fraser-Simpson)

in Assembly Hall

on 19th, 21th and 22nd May, 1971

Dramatis Personae

Marigold Paul Norbury
Nurse John Davis
Mole Andrew Wills
Rat Christopher Start
Badger Stephen Donnelly
Toad John Whatnall
lst Fieldmouse Peter Booth or Peter Baker
2nd Fieldmouse Ian Stevenson
"Alfred" Andrew Monoghan and Gerard Allen
Barge Horse Gerard Allen and Andrew Monoghan
Judge Andrew Matthews
Turkey Ian Laybourn
Duck Andrew Stavordale
Squirrels Laurence Whitworth
Laurence Wilmot
John McNabb
Mark Dean
Rabbits Michael Cooke
Paul Grainger
Mark Brennan
Paul Bridge
Timothy Smith
Chief Weasel Anthony Mack
Chief Stoat John Cameron
Chief Ferret John Pritchard
Usher Kevin Corcoran
Policeman Andrew Sasiadek
Phoebe Paul Thompson
Jailer Fergal Farrell
Aunt John Brennan
Mama Rabbit Andrew Carroll
Harold Joseph Griffin
Lucy Duncan Ward
Fox Michael Davis
Bargewoman Henry Dillon
"The Brave-one" Laurence Tottle
Ferrets Alan Rogers
David Morgan
Mark Flanagan
Gerard Bowers
Stephen Lowe
Sean Freeman
Paul Carney
Weasels Martin Bartlett
Peter Cawley
Ian Lyons
Paul Warmsley
Christopher Gleeson
Dominic Berry
Stoats James Hamilton
John Joseph Cahill
Michael Carroll
Peter Fay
Stephen Ball
Carl Brennan
Field Mice

Peter Bibby
Trevor Baglin
Christopher MacWilliam
Mark Regan
Simon Wood

Stage Management: Peter Coppock & Alan Ascroft
Lighting: Andrew Hartnett & Vincent Tetlow
Props:Philip Smith
Prompt:Joseph Hennessey
Set Designed by Mr R A Addis
Built by: Mr D F Astin and Jeremy Constant
Musical Director: Mr E T Morris

The Play directed by Mr. Chris Glynn and Mr. M. A. Allen

The Royal Imp of Fame

From Eddie Tickle & Chris Blaydon:

Hal (Henry V): Mike Hovington - he is in the photo to left of King Henry IV.
Henry IV Nigel Tweedie
Hotspur Chris Blaydon
Kate, Hotspur's Wife Chris Start
Walter Blunt Dennis Murphy
Douglas George Noworyta
Pistol: Tony Greenwood (which I remember most because of his favourite line - "Pistol's cock is up!")
Peto: Eddie Tickle.
Mistress Quickly: John Cameron

Chris Glynn and Richard Scrowston produced the play from parts of Henry IV parts 1 and 2, Henry V and Henry VI centred around Falstaff the 'Imp of Fame'.  
It would be nice to build a full cast list.  


The Marvellous History of St Bernard

By Henry Gheon

Director: Christopher Glynn

14 - 17 March 1970

Who remembers this one?

Cast included

John Cameron, Peter Fay, Andrew Matthews as servants of the House of Mentheon

Trevor Baglin, Joe Domican, George Hawthornthwaite, Roman Pronyszyn as servants of the House of Miolan

Maybe we had more to say later in life!


Musical Events

Festival of Lessons and Carols for Christmas (1968)

AN EVENING OF MUSIC (26th April, 1973)

AN EVENING OF MUSIC (6th April 1976)

Festival of Lessons and Carols for Christmas (1976)

President's Evening for Manchester Organist's Association