Tuesday, 6th April, 1976

7.45 p.m.


Woodwind Quintet "0 Gott du Frommer Gott" . . . Bach
(Bassoon+*- Howell Oboe - Higgins: Clarinets* Goush*/Stevenson*: flute - Davies*))
Violin Solos: 1)Ankara (2) Cook
Violin (Gde II): Renshaw*: Nuttall*: Barrow* - "The Dorking Round"
Clarinet Duet: Mannion N./Nolan - "Melody"
Trumpet Solo: Boardman*: Axon (Piano) - Christmas Dollies
Accordion Group Delohery: Burns: Aherne(Piano): Kane (Guitar)
Organ: Briggs* Petit Prelude — Jongen
‘Cello Solo: Mannion CA - Austrian Hymn - Haydn
Trumpet Duet: Fay*: Wood M.* - Tiritomba Tinitomba
D'Bass/Piano Kenny T.*: Hartnett - Maple Leaf Rag Joplin
Bassoon Solo: Howell+*:Kenny C.(Piano)Bourree I & II Bach
Violin ( Rinse A.*: Hulse T.*: Haughey* Minuet Minuet Haughey* Minuet
Violin/Accordion:: McIntyre+*:Wood S.* ~ Mazurka Rumiz
‘Cello Solo: Doran* Land of my Fathers
Piano Solo: Weaver Sonata
Dance Band (Accordion Wood S.: Clarinet/piano - Hartnett: Guitar - Wood N.:

D’Bass/piano - Kenny T: Drums Hnylycia)

Clarinet: Fielding*: Stevenson ....... Air from the Water Music - Handel
Trumpet Quartet: Booth*: Pickersgill*: Duffy*: Boardman
Flute Solo: Griffith*: Wood. S. (Piano).. Waltz - Mozart
Guitar Solo: Wood.N Stairway to Heaven - Page
Trumpet Duet: Kenny C.: Pickersgill - Those Magnificent Men
'Cello Solo: Kenny T: Kenny C. (Piano).. Contemplations
Clarinet Solo: Shaw* Adagio(opening) from Clarinet Concerto - Mozart
Dance Band ‘A Selection of Scottish Music’
Organ: Briggs Postlude in D Willan
Orchestra: (Leader: William McIntyre) ‘March’ from Carmen Bizet

*Orchestral Members +Manchester Youth Orchestra



Tuition is dependent upon availability of instruments and of lesson time. All tuition is free.

Initially, instruments are provided, but it is hoped that parents will eventually hire or purchase an instrument, so that other boys may be able to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn.

Tuition is given in the following instruments:

STRING:— Violin: Viola: Cello: 'Bass: Guitar

WOODWIND:— Flute: Oboe: Clarinet: Bassoon

BRASSWIND: Cornet: Trumpet: French Horn: Trombone:Euphonium: Saxophone

Percussion tuition may be received at any of the Music Centres.

Further information regarding instrumental tuition may be obtained from Mr. Jessett.