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3rd. November, 1975

My dear Parents,

This year members of the Upper Sixth are presenting R. C. Sherriff’s famous First World War play, "Journey’s End!" , on Tuesday, December 2nd, Thursday, December 4th, and Friday, December 5th, at 7.50 p.m. Tickets cost 55p for adults and 15p for pupils and students. If you would like to support the play, would you please indicate in the appropriate box when you would like to come and how many tickets you require, and return the detachable slip to Mr. Rigby together with the necessary remittance?

The play is set in a dug—out and observes the reactions of a small group of officers and, men to the pressures of life in the front line exerted over a period of 72 hours. The men are ordered to organize the capture of a German soldier in order to obtain information about the big enemy offensive which takes place during the last scene.

Each character reacts to the strain in a different way: one takes to drink, one to food, another to literature, yet another feigns illness. An additional element in the plot is The education of a callow ex—public schoolboy into the realities of war.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,