Football Memories

We had the football team to beat all football teams..paul power,charlie quick,bob o'brien,pete coppock,steve caffrey,dave hunt and me in goal!!!!!!!!

We won everything going....thanks to denny howells....does anyone remember roger warren,alan keane and danny and roger use to stand in the kippax in those glorious days of city magic and never realised that one day we would be watching paul power play for them.

We had a good basketball team as i name springs to mind...bryn kelly

[Mark Sanders]

I'm trying to remember the names and position of those in the team that beat Xaverian for the Manchester Schools Cup in (probably) 1968 (same year Utd won the EC). I'm also making a claim that this might have been the best Augustinian team ever. Among those I recall were Dave Jamieson (right back), Tex Flinders (centre half), Steve Caffrey (left back), Mark Devine (right midfield) John Taylor (central midfield), Chris Hobin (left midfield), Adam Zaslona (striker), Paul Power (wing). Whose missing and am I right?
[John Taylor]

I can remember some of the others who may have been involved at that time - Steve Biesty (full back); Paul Behan ( full back ); Martin O'Halloran ( striker ); Phil Bentley ( right wing ); Chris Fewtrell ( gk ) Charlie Rowling ( not sure ! ) In fact I have most of these on a team photograph rescued from Colditz before it was bulldozed, 1966/67 with Harry Stratton as the manager !
[Dave Jamieson]

Intake of 73 went 3 years unbeaten winning the Catholic Cup in 3 consecutive seasons. Hope this helps.

I forgot to indicate that this was the senior first XI team at the time.
[John Taylor]

Was It Red or Was it Blue?

I only attended SA from 74 - 79 (well part of it)and was wondering whether during those particular years at least, the school was considered mainly red or blue - I dont include County/Alty in this instance I'm afraid.....Wasn'tthere even some hardy soul who followed lfc in the 74 intake...always one....

Here is my list of allegiances from memory of part of 74 intake.

Ankers - ashtma - no firm allegiance
Brown - true blue ( also neil diamond fan )
Costello - falling from great heights in the gym
Cullinane - blue " how come YOU got 5 O'levels when I only got four ? "
Davison - blue
Me - red ( Stretford Paddock LMTB )
Donnelly - red ( also SPLMTB )
Fitzimmons - fan of Tommo Moore
Gascoigne - Genesis , Led Zep etc
Grainger - trumpet and Ireland
Greenhalgh - martial arts " go on , punch me as hard as you can !! "
Hoppy - red - SA's Les Dennis
Joyce - blue and colour blind so could have been a red but unable to tell the difference.
Mannion - blue
Kay - hay fever
Keeling - red ( also SP )
Kiernan - recorder
Knowles - blue ?
Lavin - ?
Leyden - blue
Lowe - blue
McCann - blue
Matthews - motorbikes
Molloy - true red
O'Sullivan - Motorhead
Proffitt - blue
Purcell - Four seasons ( not the motown combo )
Ralphs - ?
Regan - red?
Riley - ?
Roberts - scarlet
Stevenson - pot
Walker - Brazil
Wood - blue , but politically redder than most.
Wrafter - status quo

So that's 11/7 to the blues , mainly due to an overrated geordie doing a silly overhead kick almost 302 years ago. If you can fill in the spaces maybe this will even up a bit. Obviously since 79 the fortunes of both clubs have risen dramatically.

City are no longer in the Withington and District Sunday league and United seem to be enjoying an extended spell of consistency.

Apparently following City's recent draw with Timperley Sunday league side Stockport County Kevin Keegan announced that he was bringing in some new faces ....

Fungus, a lifelong Stockport County fan on spotting Mark Barratt (later to become HeadBoy) wearing a leather wriststrap with Man City emblazoned on it, told him to take it off and proceeded to cut it up using a pen knife he had produced from his pocket.

Bulldog69 XI v Plessington Playground Penoes

Anyone remember the lunchtime football tournament run in our fifth year (77/78). I think there were 4 teams, possibly six (all with names suggestive and hilarious to 16 year old lads)and we played a league at lunchtimes over several weeks. If memory serves me right there was not only a league but a cup competition : The final was between the 2 teams above and the Bulldog69 XI won. The competitions built such a momentum that we would get good crowds for the matches, including teachers and Spike.
Remember, this was in Spike's 'twilight years' and he extended lunchbreaks on a number of occasions to allow the matches to run their full course. The results were announced in assembly to general amusement (and disgust of some of the teachers).
What were the names of the other teams ? Who were the team members ?

[Jon Axon]

I was involved in the said tournament but don't remember the team name. I would probably have been on the same team as Martin Allen, Eugene Nelson and Luke Lingard. I do recall being booked for a rather cynical tackle but can't recall the victim. Our team didn't win the tournament and, not surprisingly, I was not the star of the team!
[Paul Philbin]

The four teams were The Plessington Playground Penoes, Mad Mick's XI, The Bulldog 69ers and The Farmers (so much better than 5X v 5Y v 5Z).
From memory (it's only 24 years ago!!), the Bulldog 69ers were managed by Jonathan Hulse. We won the cup and the league which was remarkable since we had tried to blend youth and experience with 5 or 6 rugby players whilst adopting the 'route 1' approach favoured by Wimbledon some years after. Amongst others on the team were Paul and Stephen Humphries, Jim McDaid and Steve Quinn.
The PPP's were managed by Frannie Connor and from recollection comprised half the football team including Snaz McGrory in goals. The other half of the football team were in Mad Mick's XI, managed by Martin Allen. He had Luke Lingard, Eugene Nelson and Jon Saxon in his team. Finally, were The Farmers, so called due to the location of their lunchtime hibernation. I don't honestly recall who was in that team, but I understand that to qualify, you had to smoke.
As for the extended lunchtimes, I do recall Peter Phillips storming out of Assembly as Spike was announcing yet another extended lunchtime. Peter obviously thought that we should be spending a little more time on our 'O' levels than football. As things turned out, he was probably right.
My 'abiding' memory is Barney Nuttall conducting a large portion of the remainder of the year on the hill accompanied by Spike in a rousing rendition of 'Abide With Me'.

[Paul Johnston]