Smooth Approach

Although the Becks might now want to be remembered as 'Smooth Approach' I remember them better as 'The Bouncing Banana Band' or 'The Banouncing Bana Band' by the time we got to the gig after a few beers. It was the same line up but I suppose their agent must have told them 'Smooth Approach' would strike more of a chord with their target audience (elderly ladies ??). [JA]

To settle the history books once and for all here are the line ups of those great bands:

The Bouncing Banana Band (which did mostly covers and had no vocalist) lined up Me (keyboards), our Steve (guitar), Andrew "Henry" Fielding (clarinet and sax), Lynn Calvert (drums).

Smooth Approach (in which we made the sad attempt to write and play our own stuff) was all of the above (except our Steve was also the vocalist) together with Mike Bruton (guitar) and Mike Dunkerley (bass). A major change in line up wouldn't you agree.

Other magnificent musical ensembles from that era were the Psychedelic Mooseheads (me and our Steve), the Goners (me, our Steve and Mike Bruton). Song subjects for these later efforts included Tony Flanagan (Flannie), Subbuteo, Timperley Reserves football team, Phil Howell's underpants, Simon Johnsons girlfriends underpants.

If I remember rightly the first ever Banana's gig was at Ciaran Mc Carthy's sisters 18th or something like that?

Sad to say none of us ever made any great strides in the music biz but we did have a good laugh.[JMB]

Remember the Flannie song (Flannie, Flannie is a man) and even the subbuteo song (Timperley, they could be at the top of the league and Barrow, donlt you know could win the FA Cup)

Now then the Bouncing Banana Band and Smooth Approach. Despite asking I have yet to find any vinyl in HMV.

I have just listened to my muffled tape (yes I still have it; how sad is that...or is it a highly prized collectors item??) of that memorable one gig wonder 4 Jan 1981 'Smooth Approach Live in Sale'
I think it is safe to say we were 'Progressive Woodwind Jazz Rock Fusion'.

Running order included:
Long Road Home ( JMB signed original lyrics available to highest bidder )
Silly Game (Rinky Tinky Song)
Baker Street
Boresville Limited
Keyboard Solo- Nothing is Sacred
Theme from a Storm Parts 1 & 2
Golden Feet
Lucille....enough said!!!!!!!!
(Did Steve ever learn the lyrics to Lucille???)

Following on from the Rock Family and Ian Bowden, formed a unique partnership called "the Beck-Bowden Experience". Songs like, "Mr Psychiatrist" rocked Loreto on at least 2 occasions!!! [SB]