The Brief History of
St Augustine's Grammar School

History Description The Last Moments

St Augustine's Grammar / Technical School was established by the Diocese of Shrewsbury as a voluntary aided school maintained by the City of Manchester. Planned capacity 570 pupils.

Date   Roll
1959 MEC agrees to a petition that a school building site in Longley Lane, Northenden should be used for a Roman Catholic grammar school  
1960 Ministry of Education agrees to building of a Roman Catholic Grammar and Technical School in Wythenshawe. Site undecided. -
1961 Sketch plans for St Augustine's (now named and sited) approved by MEC and Ministry. [The Grammar Technical] "will cater for the boy who wants a job on the factory floor as well as the boy who plans his futre in the business world." said Canon Rigby -
  Foundation Stone laid
1964, March Building commences -
1965, 6th Sep (9.15) "The school has been called a Grammar Technical" said Fr McGuiness. "This term indicates both the esteem for academic quality and intellectual integrity of the traditional grammr school and the new approaches."

New Boys

First intake: As I remember, on the first day, it was Fr Abbott, the deputy head who organised us into lines, alphabetically & by form, ready to enter our new school. Spike was waiting in assembly and as yet unnamed.
1965, Dec Building completed (cost 244,315)  
1966 The school was apparently built on the site of a Roman camp and in the early days several Roman coins were retrieved as the playing fields were completed  
~1967 "Technical" dropped to become St Augustine's Grammar School  
1968   417
1969, 15th May Solemn Blessing and Dedication
by the Bishop of Birmingham
Most Rev G P Dwyer
1969, Sep Intake of 1969  
1971, 2nd Apr Dedication of Organ  
1972 Television Top of the Form  
1975, Mar Headmaster bestowed a Prelate of Honour by Pope
to become Rt Rev Monsignor F J McGuiness
1976, Jul Intake of 1969 leaves 6th form 644
1977, Jul St Augustine's Grammar School closes
The Final Letter
New Appointments
1977, Sep St John Plessington High School (upper part) opens on Stancliffe Rd site  
1979 Msg McGuiness unwell (Mr G Matthews acting headmaster)
Home Economics introduced to curriculum
1980, 28 Jan Msg F J McGuiness, Headmaster died at Lourdes Hospital  
1983 - 1984 St John Plessington High School (upper part) run down as pupil numbers fall  
1984, Sep - 1987, Jul Building used by St Paul's RC High School  
1987, Aug . . . Empty becoming derelict 0
1988, Aug Demolished -

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