A Day in the Life
(St Augustine's Grammar School)

Daily Timetable Academic Year School Reports

Travel to school usually by public service buses (Nos 44, 41, 45, 75...).
Pupils came fom a wide area of south Manchester and Stockport.

featuring Tony Hulse!

(Mass in school chapel at 8.00)

To be seated with A Parish Hymnbook in hall by this time.
In Silence! (except for organ or piano music)
Late arrival carried a mandatory detention!
The duty prefect announced "Stand!" as the Headmaster entered the hall.

2 hymns accompanied by organ
biddings Prayers by 4 Boys
Prayers and address by Headmaster

Tales from Assembly

Classes were organised on a "6 day week" (latterly 7 day week) so that a timetable day occurred on a different weekday each week.
The first Monday would be day 1, the next Monday would be day 6 and the 3rd Monday would be day 5 (day 4 in 7 day timetable) etc

Subjects offered included English, Maths, RE, French, Latin, Classical Studies, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, GED (Geometric and Engineering Drawing), Art, Music, Woodwork and Metalwork.

English (language and literature), Mathematics, French and RE were compulsory until 5th year.
Latin was compulsory for the first three years.

Sports included Association Football, Rugby Football, Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball

(Corporal punishment delivered by roster duty master in "Green Room")

(Corporal punishment delivered by roster duty master in "Green Room")

(Detention 30 min
- missing detention for those so punished carried a mandatory sentence of '3 of the best' plus detention the following evening!)

(Extracurricular Activities included drama, badminton, choir, orchestra, cinematic club)

Travel home usually by public service buses.

The academic year was split into 3 terms

A collection was made for

1 for each was asked from every family on each occasion.

"Now, dear boy, for another late Victorian Assembly. I love them."