School Dinners

2 sittings each day - most would stay for school dinner although a few opted to bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch.

Family Service
Tables of eight with or without a member of staff (this was obligatory for staff).
One member of the table would fetch the meal for the whole table in rectangular aluminium trays.
Another would serve the meal to the rest of his table.


Add your favourite school meal Add your least favourite school meal
Loved the curry ... had apple bits in it. lumpy veg
Seconds of custard. pink custard
Manchester Tart deep fried pineapple rings
Beef stew with suet dumpling  
Always managed to produce a good spotted dick  
Cheddar cheese and cream crackers and coffee. You only had one small 'pat' of butter with which to cover three square crackers but the cheese and milky coffee made up for this.  
jam roly-poly was another favourite of mine  
Fried Egg, Chips and Beans always followed by cheese and crackers with coffee  

"Can I have secs ma'am . ."

Remember the day someone wanted to play a prank by loosening the top of the salt shaker.
Unfortunately Mr.Scrowston was the first to use the salt, the top came off and his whole meal was covered in salt!

Regarding school meals. Are you people insane? Has the passage of years numbed your senses?  - there was no nice food available at the canteen at SA/SJP - the food was dire and was was dominated by root vegetables.
Every day would involve queuing up for at least 10 minutes to be served up with something undecribeable which would usually contain swede or parsnips.The only good pudding was when they would do a crumble but this would usually involve some stodgy gunk masquerading as custard.

As to school dinners ,everyone wanted to be in charge of dishing the meals out when chips were on the menu so that they could get the biggest portion!

I remember once, I went up for seconds, the meal was corned beef hash and I brought the full tin back to the table.As I started to dish out the food everybody then decided that they'd had enough. So I'm left with a full tin of hash to get rid of. When Spike came along "Who ordered all this food" he shouted; when nobody answered, he asked who went for it. Of course it was me! He then said I was totally to blame for all the waste and wanted to see me in his office after lunch.This was the only time I refused to take the strap off him so he duly sent me home and told me not to come back without my parents. To my astonishment my father supported me totally and I at last got one over on Spike, for which he hated me for ever more.  [Alan Keane]

All I can remember about school meals was DH letching after some bird in the kitchens which was enough to put anyone off their food.  For God's sake they must have both been over 30 years old!!

I remember being approached by Spike, in the canteen, whilst 'enjoying' a second helping of whatever fayre was on offer.
The Monse, in a particularly buoyant mood, asked me to rate the food- marks out of ten. Rather sycophantically, I awarded the meal a 10 and the Right Rev. wandered off to harrass some other poor soul, muttering to himself, "Very good, very good".
...My greatest concern at the time was that it would't click with the old boy that I was in fact on packed lunches!