St Augustine's Grammar School Old Boys
'69 in '99
The Reunion

September 18, 1999

Davenport Park Hotel

Thanks to Andrew_Stavordale

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From the Throwaway Cameras    
It all started at Bag's 40th birthday party in the summer of '98; we were sat about chatting and I remarked that it would 30 years since we started school together in Sep. '99.  I got that look from Bag telling me I had just volunteered for duty.

Later that summer I persuaded a friend at Manchester Evening News to publish a piece on a thirty year reunion for the Class of '69.  Knowing a few people already gave me enough impetus to start to think how to track down others.

A few replies to the article got us moving more and having a list of all 'boys' from speech day programs, thanks to Mike Lyne, made the job of remembering a little easier.  Meeting up with Mark Brennan and Nick Wall set the trail going in diferent directions and soon we had enough to know that the event was on.

I started phoning names from phone books and trawling through Info-CD which claims to list all people in the UK.  E-mails, phone calls and letters later we had made contact with around 50% of the class and many of the masters. Finding a room was the easy job, advertising was courtesy of word of mouth etc. and the rest is, as they say, history.  A pity that many we contacted could not make it on the night, hopefully next time will be better still.

My thanks to Mark Brennan, Peter Fay, Mike Lyne, Trevor Baglin and all others who helped make the first reunion the success it was.

Stavors ( )


D Howells, E Hartley, J McCabe, M Brennan, J Rice, Fr Rice, F Whiteman, P Foley, C Glynn, A Addis, N Creighton, Fr Abbott, M Kearney

Fr Abbott
Mr Addis
Mr Brennan
Mr Creighton
Mr Foley
Mr Glynn
Mr Hartley
Mr Howells
Mr Jackson
Mr Kearney
Mr McCabe
Mr Rice
Fr Rice
Mr Whiteman


Allen, Gerard
Baglin, Trevor
Battle, Gerard (aka Peter Fay!)
Beesley, Mike
Bennett, John
Blaydon, Paul
Brennan, Mark
Brennan, John
Burke, William
Carroll, Andrew
Cunliffe, Steve
Fay, Peter
Gregg, Cornelius
Harding, Martin
Johnstone, Alan
Jones, Christopher
Kennedy, Dave
Kenny, Damian (aka Cliff Richard!)
Kuzina, Steven
Leahy, Stephen
Lyne, Michael
McDevitt, Kevin
McHugh, John
Maguire, Michael
Martin, Paul
Maybury, Michael
Mescal, Rory
Murphy, John
Payne, David
Pronyszyn, Roman
Pryce, Ian
Simcox, Robert
Stavordale, Andrew
Tottle, Lawrence
Wall, Nicolas

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formal registration was omitted on this occasion!

Organ Fund:
Adequate contributions were made to cover current expenditure.
It is however anticipated that this might be an ongoing expenditure!

Selected Photos

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R Simcox, A Stavordale T Baglin, I Pryce, A Stavordale, D Kenny G Battle C Gregg, M Maguire, C Jones E Hartley, R Mescall
M Maybury, J Bennett D Kenny, A Carroll N Creighton A Carroll, Mr Creighton J Bennett, P Foley, R Pronyszyn
Mr McCabe, Mr Addis M Maguire, Mr Brennan M Lyne S Leahy, G Battle, N Wall R Pronyszyn, J Murphy
Mr Howells G Battle, A Johnston M Lyne, J McHugh J Brennan, A Carroll M Harding, S Leahy, R Pronyszyn
C Jones, I Pryce, R Mescall, D Kenny R Simcox, P Martin, M Brennan, C Jones R Mescall, G Battle    


From the Throwaway Cameras (Click to view full size)
M Brennan, P Martin, I Pryce, C Jones I Pryce, C Jones, D Kenny, M Brennan T Baglin, M Harding, I Pryce N Wall, M Lyne
M Beesley P Blaydon, M Maybury Spaced out! (P Martin) Don't give up your day job, Bruce!
The many faces of the man (Steve Leahy)
Papparazzi! (P Fay, R Simcox, Mr Hartley) W Burke ,A Johnston, D Payne J Murphy, T Baglin J McHugh, Ged Allen
S Kuzina, T Baglin John McHugh John Brennan Mr Creighton, J Bennett
C Jones, R Mescall, G Battle, K McDevitt, P Blaydon, D Kenny, M Harding K McDevitt, W Burke, T Baglin K McDevitt, W Burke, S Cunliffe Ged Battle
M Brennan R Mescal, G Battle, J Murphy, S Leahy Ged makes last plea for after hours pint! (along with R Mescall, K McDevitt, D Kenny) P Fay, ,P Blaydon
Mr Creighton, M Brennan, P Martin Mr Foley,A Caroll, Stavors R Mescall, Mr Hartley J Bennett, I Pryce, M Beesley, M Maybury