St Augustine's Grammar School

1965 Formal 1969 Formal The Building
1966 Formal 1971 Formal  


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(part 65 formal) ak (1966 formal) py (1969 formal) md/gs (Mar 71) rjc
('69) mb Mass Day 1 1965 (ph) (Mr Griffin) paf (Choir) mb
(Mr Beeley) pjf (Mr Morris) pjf (Mr Beeley & Tav) pjf (Mr Paisley) pjf
(Assembly) mb (Mr Morris) mb (Physics) mb (Physics) mb
(Chemistry) mb (Chemistry) mb (Mr Hartley) mb (Sean Carter) mb
(Rory Mescall) mb mb mb (Mr Beeley) mb
reconstruction (Mr Griffin) paf (Mr Paisley) paf (Mr Paisley) paf
(Mr Griffin, Mr Jessett, ?) mb mb (Mr Morris) mb mb
(The Monsignor) paf (Choir) de/at paf pjf
cjb cjb mb gh
speechday Metalwork Products
paf Whistler's Mother Speechday 1972 Metalwork Products (DR)
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