Saturday 23rd March at the 'Moon under Water'
(74 Reunion)

Well, from what I can remember, it was a good laugh and an excellent turn out ( must have been at least 20).
Shame a few more old faces didn't show up that i thought might, but at least some did. I know I was extremely pissed by the end of the night, so I apologise to anyone I may have upset, that includes the wild haired man from ......, Nick(Terry Duckworth)Mannion, Tom Jones, the bouncers, the staff, the taxidriver (it does come off if you keep scrubbing).
Thought it was a bit off of Tommo Moore to send his grandson in to get Dominic ! You did make it home didnt you Dom ? We must definately do it again and soon. You are all lovely lovely lads ! (Im o.k honest)p.s I still have the same clothes on that I had on last night (24 hours later).


An excellent night!! some great memories and some new ones made! Thanks to Andy Brown for getting his "class" involved. To mike duff and noel burke [i did call u noel once before reverting to turkey!!] for travelling up for it. The blind french student teacher story was the best! To phil mcfadyen for the philosophy lesson and the dance!! to dom fitzsimmons for looking at people in a provocative manor [apparently?]. thanks to the teachers for not turning up so we could talk about them not to them and finally thanks to the kipper and his marinelife mates for not turning up!! i think we'll definitely do it again.....soon.Those of you out there who didn't come to this one should make it next time! no one had changed a bit!!
[Billy Brennan/Dave Hamnett]

Got home safely (didn't see Tommo Moore's grandson again).
Had a great time and was good to see you all again.
To all who weren't there - you missed a good night.
P.S. Perhaps I'll skip the Club-Med next time :)

[Dom Fitzsimmons]

A really good night,great to see so many old friends.It really was like being transported back in time.Don't remember how I got home,but I was there in the morning and apparently 'stunk of beer while snoring and farting all night'........always the sign of a good night!!!Thanks to Billy and Dave for getting it off the ground and for everyone making it a super turn out.
[Drew 'the blue' Brown]

Drew - did Rosie make it ? I saw him at Rotherham on Saturday.
[Ian Houghton]

Permit me to remind all attendees at the recent event that a full account of the night is expected including all reminiscences.
This should be with the editor for the forthcoming edition of "Stripes in Magenta" before the 21 April.