Kevin Faure

Kevin died on 9 November 2002 after a short illness.

Personal Information (contributed by Kevin in 1999)

For the record, after St Augustines it was two years at Stockport College (first day was an eye opener - a nude female model in the art class, which beat the shit out of pots and plants at Sharston Mount. But St Augustine's had made me a bit bashful about these things and, when the teacher told us to draw apart of the body which interested us, I drew the foot. Still have the picture).That was for A levels.Then three years at Lancaster University (crap 2:2 history degree but two times univ champion in bar football and once in pool, which says it all really) Six years on Macclesfield Express, covering mighty Macclesfield Town (our maths teacher Mr Booth used to play for them many years earlier) in the Northern Premier League. Two years on two newspapers in Sheffield, covering six soccer clubs and other sport. Six months in Bristol on sports desk. One year on Yorkshire Post covering any one of 12 soccer clubs. Summer 1988: Hong Kong, to join sports desk of South China Morning Post for five years. Then three years on a short-lived newspaper called Eastern Express, as the main sports writer. And, three years ago, after the paper closed down, joined Cathay Pacific in the communications department, mainly doing a magazine for the pilots.

What else...well, still single, but have been with girlfriend Roxan for six years and living together for four.
Still playing football twice a week (two teams) but haven't scored a goal for four seasons!