Andrew Stavordale




Then Now


Current Address

Home:   48 Shearwater Road,  Offerton,  Stockport,  SK2 5UQ


IP Information Services, Epsom Avenue, Handforth, Cheshire

Telephone Number (home)

0161 292 5740

Telephone Number (daytime)

0161 488 3615
07802 202285 (mobile)


01625 623600 (work)  


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Personal Information

Went to UMIST to study Maths but dropped out after two years.

Worked for a dairy from '78 to '90 doing everything from delivering milk to running the  computer department.

Worked for P&O Ferrymasters from '90 to '95 as an AS/400 computer analyst  programmer.

Now work as a project manager for International Paper Information Services still with  AS/400 system installing software around Europe.

No children but enough nieces, nephews etc. to keep me going.

Currently doing an OU in Computing for Commerce and Industry as something to do.

This is the private detective (quote Evening News) who tracked down most of the year of 69 for the recent reunion!