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The Smiths  
1G,2K,3S,4S,5S 1L,2L,3L,4T,5T 1M, 2J, 3P, 4P, 5P
Backhouse, Mark
Bowden, Ian
Carter, Anthony
Cook, Paul
Crookes, Paul
Espley, Dave
Freeman, Leo
Goulden, David
Hines, Justin
Howles, Gregory
Ingram, Damian
Loughman, Mark
McHale, Michael
Maher, John
Chris Mazzitelli
Mannion, Philip
Martin, Patrick
Murphy, Cyril (Andrew)
Murray, Noel
O'Brien, Brendan
O'Donnell, Benedyck
O'Rourke, Brendan
Pett, Andrew
Priest, Martin
Renshaw, Robert
Roalfe, Philip
Ross, John
Smithson, Robert
Thorpe, Anthony
Whelan, Mark 'Wiggy'
Michael Barrow
Bartlett, Anthony
Beck, Steve (Jeff)
Stephen Bergin
Peter Booth
David Carroll
Cochrane, Paul
Patrick Connolly
Kieran Delargy
Gavin, Denis
Hickman, Steve
Howley, Martin
Hughes, Damian
Ingram, ?
Kirwan, John 1
Madden, Christopher
Mayers, David
Miles, Des
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Roland
Murray, Anthony
Norris, Stephen
Petrykowski, Vinny
Powell, Phillip
Steve Power
Ryan, Paul (?died 1978/9)
Rourke, Andy
Sales, James
Sharkey, Kevin
Martin Wilson
White, John 'Dougal'
Chris Wood
Barratt, Mark
Barry, John
Busby, Stuart
Caldwell, Desmond
Callahan, Timothy
Cook, Paul
Cooper, Lawrence

Doocey, Michael

Fletcher, Paul
Flynn, Paul

Galvin, Kevin

Hulse, Andrew

Hurley, Simon
Jackson, John

Jones, Ivan

Keegan, Michael
Massey, Stephen
McDonnell, ?
McInerney, Paul
Millington, Robert

Murphy, Andrew
Mutch, James
Nally, Anthony

O'Brien, Patrick
O'Sullivan, Kevin
Proctor, Kevin

Sheehan, Carl
Smith, Michael

Tinning, Richard
Toolis, Pat
Walker, Christopher
Withers, Simon
Wood, Christopher  
Robert Durkin and Michael Parker were originally All Hallows boys who were elevated to the Grammar school stream when we went comprehensive.
Currently Amorphous:
Taylor, John 3 Mills, Andrew; Coleman Stephen

* AKA Johnny Marr & Andy Rourke of The Smiths
1 captain of the rugby team 2 Mr. Ingram's twin sons 3 goalie on the soccer team
Names contributed by Andrew Murphy, Martin Wilson, Dave Espley, Anthony Thorpe, Paul Cochrane, Chris Mazzitelli, Pat Toolis & Tony Murray Thanks
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