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St Augustine's Grammar School

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Simon Backler < simonbackler@ic24.net >
34 Bollin Close, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 9PZ
01925 759565(H)
Occupation: Director of Wholsale Florists Sundries Co
Family: Wife of 18 months (Diane) expecting
Daughter Lucy 5 years Stepson James 10
Interests: Most sports,drinking,generally socialising
Other Information: Degree in Economics from Warwick. 18 months in Oz. 18 years on New Smithfield Market

Dominic Berry < dpberry@quista.net >

Barny Beswick < barny.beswick@ntlworld.com >

Barney Booth < Bernard.Booth@uuplc.co.uk >
Address: Stockport
Occupation: water technician
Family: married with one daughter, aged 15
Interests: all sorts- travelling, drinking, going to cinema, listening to rock music, dancing to rock music
Other Information: career- pretty boring really. 6 months with the CIS and 23 years with North West Water/United Utilities.

Then 2001

Karl Blachnicki < karl_merlin@hotmail.com >
Middlewich, Cheshire

Gerard Bowers < gedbowers@tinyworld.co.uk >

Paul Bridge < paul.bridge@ntlworld.com >

John Darbyshire < john.darbyshire5@btopenworld.com >

started in 70 but got put down a year at end of 4th - bit like being a Blue (great year 2002). Yup, 1st year in hot pants - final year in mad house.
Loads of bad memories - who organised the walk out at Free Trade Hall cos I got blame though banned for life from them which was a an upside.
Occasionally still drink/drunk in chorlton.

John Greene < JohnGreene@BigFoot.com >
Doha, Qatar
Occupation: Control systems engineer
Family: Anne Grethe (wife), Peter (13), Maria (11)
Interests: Diving, sailing, travel
Famous Moments: Passed my chemistry A level due to extensive knowledge of hydrogen bonding.
Ringleader in petition against changing school lunch times.
'Wagged it' several times a week during 6th Form and never got caught.
Other Information: Engineering degree from Sheffield University. Two years at Worth Abbey lay community, two years working with handicapped/sick for Camphill Village Trust. Followed a pretty girl to Denmark together with all my earthly belongings (£100 and a pile of books). Worked in oil industry in Denmark, Norway, UK, Libya, Singapore and Qatar.

Paul Grainger <info@graingerconsult.com>

Aloysius Gregg < >

Tom Gurrie < t.gurrie@ntlworld.com > formerly Gurhy

Peter Hartnett < hartnettp@aol.com >
Stotfold, Herts

Liam Heffernan< liam@lheffernan.fsnet.co.uk

Pete Humphreys <PeteHumphreys@aol.com>

Hugh Kearney < hugh@kearney77.fsnet.co.uk >
58 The Oval Heald Green Cheadle, Cheshire
07768898229 (m)
Family: wife Mary, 2 daughters Helen (15) and lizzie (12)

Paul Keeling <paul@keeling123.fsnet.co.uk>

Chris Macwilliam <chris@cmacwilliam.freeserve.co.uk >
Occupation: Solicitor

Brian McGuire <brian.mackow-mcguire@ntl.com >
Thames Ditton, Surrey
Occupation: Product Manager
Family: married with 2 children and another due in April 2002!
Interests: Golf plus all the usual - beer, football, avoiding DIY
Other Information: Since my pyjama days I have mainly lived in or near London working in telecoms.

Carl O'Connor < carloconnor@hotmail.com >

Mike O'Kane < mikeokane@hotmail.com >
19 The Downs, School's Hill, Cheadle SK8 1JL
0161 428 6207(H)
Occupation: Pilot
Family: Married, two stepsons
Interests: I play as much tennis as I can over at David LLoyd in Cheadle. Otherwise life revolves around work, eating out and travel. Flying for a living certainly facilitates travelling and it beats the hell out of working for a living.
Other Information: I left the beloved establishment as "damaged goods", spending the next four years gaining the education which was so elusive earlier on. I learnt to fly privately and after a short spell in the RAF became a commercial pilot. I've worked for Britannia Airways for the last 14 years. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Chris Riley < studioriley@hotmail.com >
Portland, Oregon USA

David Smith <David28Smith@aol.com>
Occupation: Stock Manager for Mail Order Company
Family: Wife, Carol, married 20years. Daughter of 17, Kate

Paul Tickle < paultickle@aol.com > Tick
Occupation: postal worker
Family: not known
Interests: too numerous to mention
Famous Moments: if you can't remember, there must not have been any, but I was found not guilty of any involvement in the Geraghty pen affair.  
Other Information: I am glad I didn't do well at school, but delighted for all the ones who did, and sorry to all to whom I was a hinderence. I have worked for 27 years for Royal Mail, in various capacities.

Paul Thompson < paul@nullisecundus.co.uk >
Norwich Norfolk

Andy Wills ?in Australia

Stephen Wyatt < SueandStephen@langdale.fsnet.co.uk >
87 Ainsdale Drive, Lea, Preston, PR2 1TU
Family: Married to Susan, the gorgeous mother of our five children (she is reading this as I type) 
- Peter (24), Nick (20), Russell (19), Neil (17) and Benjamin (15).  (We did want a girl, but enough's enough...) Occupation: Teacher (in a school for dyslexic children).
Interests: Football (well, Stockport County...), drinking (apparently obligatory), astronomy, aviation and fell walking. Other information:  After totally messing up at Christ's in Liverpool, spent 14 years working for the local bus company in Preston as Personnel Officer before receiving the dreaded white envelope; took a degree in astronomy at UCLan, and a PGCE at St Martin's; worked for two years at a mainstream school and hated every minute of it; fell firmly on my feet when offered a post at the Red Rose School - this is what teaching is all about!  

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