During the organisation of our first '69 reunion in November 1999, Stavors suggested a year book
- "I said It'll be out of date in a year, what about a web site."

[Some day I'll learn to keep my mouth shut!]
However one wet Sunday in an island off the north of Scotland, the St Augustine's website was born.

Initially conceived to be a contact list for staff and '69 entry, the scheme mushroomed.
All material relating to St Augustine's is welcome.

Webmaster: Peter Fay (1969)

Thanks to all those who have helped create this site

Mark Brennan (AKA Chief Archivist)
- access to his incredible and invaluable collection of things Augustinian: numerous photos (incl uniform photos); letters from the headmaster; various programs;"For All the Saints. . ." concept (In Memoriam page) and valuable editorial input

Paul Fay (my brother)
- Numerous photos, programs, miscellaneous stationary, letters from the headmaster, locating TV Top of the Form Quiz Books etc etc

Andrew Stavordale (AKA Database Manager)
- the prime mover! without him, this site would never have been conceived
- responsible for initial and updated contact details of many boys of 69 and staff

- Paul Fay, Mark Brennan, Rev Roger Callan, Rev Gerard McGuiness, Richard Fay, Dave Espley/Anthony Thorpe, John McGuiness, Brother Cyril (Xaverian), Catherine McGuiness, Jason Birch, Jeremy Griffiths, Jim Toft, Sean O' Callaghan, Josephine Maltby, John Lally, Mark Brennan (the Elder), Greg Howell, Nick Wall, Mark Dean, Geoff Sharp, Peter Yearsley, Sally Drummond, Peter Hartt, Dave Ransome

Original Letters
- Paul Fay, Mark Brennan, My Parents, Mike Maybury, Mike Nelson, Damian Hickey, Andy McHugh, Steve Livesey, Peter Yearsley, Niall Giblin, Dave Ransome

Original Speechday and other Programs
- My Parents, Paul Fay, Peter and Celia Cameron, Mark Brennan, Mark Brennan (the Elder), Paul Stevenson, Dave Ransome

Original Uniform Items
- Mark Brennan
- Lawrence Tottle (school blazer badge)
- Jez Griffiths (Plessington Badge)
- Paul Stevenson (scarf)

Sermon for the Memorial Mass for Mgr McGuinness
- Rev Peter Phillips via Paul Fay

Art Gallery, Memories and Quotations
- Unmentionable staff and boys!

"A Leader to Remember"
- Alan Johnston

Local Newspaper Clippings
- Rod Bladon and Heather Turner at The Forum Library, Wythenshawe

Roll Numbers
- Lynn Wright, Manchester City Council Education Dept

- Ordnance Survey for permission to reproduce Crown Copyright maps.

History of the Organ
- Rushworth & Dreaper, Liverpool
- Juliet A Carter , Parish Secretary, Woolston St Margaret's Church
- Jacquie Rayner, Prison Service Training Services

Television Top of the Form
- BBC Archives (unfortunately yielding no relevant material)
- Geoffrey Wheeler - personal recall and loan of theme music tape ("Marching Strings")
- Bobby Cree - names of the Stranraer team
- Mark Brennan
- Paul Fay
- Josephine Maltby (nee Finan) personal recall
- Pat Harris - excerpt from Hollies FCJ Annals
- Andrew Hemmens and James Fitzsimons
- Sally Drummond - Stranraer team photos

Architectural Plans
- Brian Mooney of Reynolds and Scott
- Mr Hilton, City Architects Dept, Manchester City Council

Filling Gaps in Lists of "Boys"
- Paul Johnston, Carl Brennan, Denis Murphy, Barry Brennan, Phil Ryder, Andrew Murphy, Martin Wilson, Dave Espley, Anthony Thorpe, Richard Fay, Dave Williams, Andrew Hartnett, Steve Williams, Chris Keeling, Phil Howells, Patrick Greenhall, Steve Law, Antony Barrows, Paul Cochrane, Jez Griffiths, Ged Start, Steve Callaghan, Chris Blaydon, Mark Brennan (1965), Robert Renshaw, Mark Patton

The Smiths Connection
- Andrew Murphy, Martin Wilson & Dave Espley

Details of Theatrical Productions
Roger Callan, Mark Brennan, Peter Cameron, Eddie Tickle

MIDI Files from Classical MIDI Archives
- Zadok the Priest midi file by kind permission of Ken Whitcomb
- Messiah midi files by kind permission of Dan Viens

Animated keyboard from

Counter Statistics from SiteMeter

Bulletin Board and Visitors' Book Scripts from Matt Wright

And any I have omitted to mention!


Peter Fay