It is the policy of the school that all boys engaged in fell—walking and the like should be properly equipped. The following list should be helpful. The items starred should be the best that can be afforded.

1. *Boots, waterproof with thick ribbed soles, to be worn with

2. Socks, thick woollen, two pairs at a time. It is usual to wear one long pair end one short pair, and the size of the boots should take this into account.

3. Windproof jacket such as anorak or parka.

4. Trousers should reject rain and keep out the wind. Cords are suitable, but not jeans. Fw parents can afford to equip a growing boy with proper knee-length walking trousers.

5.* Waterproof, eg cycle cape. Overanorak and overtrousers are ideal but expensive.

6. Scarf and/or balaclava, and gloves.

7. Torch and whistle.


The following packing list may be useful when setting off on a youth hostelling holiday.

1. Rucksack

2. Sheet sleeping bag (if owned)

3. Toilet articles inc. soap and towel.

4. Pyjamas

5. Spare underwear, socks

6. Spare trousers

7. Pullovers. two thin ones are warmer then one thick one, and take up less room.

8. Talcum powder and sticking plasters.

9. Vacuum flask or water bottle

10. Many boys prefer to take a small knapsack to carry the necessities of the day.


On a hike, especially in the hills, one should carry a spare pullover, waterproof, packed lunch with drink, spare food. Torch and whistle are for emergency use. Accompanying staff will carry map and compass, but knowledge of map and compass work is essential if there are no accompanying adults. A small first aid kit is always need when it has been forgotten.