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Michaelmas Term Issue 9
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"From the Headmaster" Stripes in Magenta
My Dear Friends,
There is some sad news to break:
Earlier this year,on the morning of the 29th of May, 2003, one of the founder members of the staff of this school passed away.
We speak of the Rev Robert James Abbott S.T.L., Ph.L., M.A.(Cantab.), first and founding deputy headmaster of St Augustine's Grammar School.

Father "Bob", as he was familiarly known, was one of the building blocks, indeed a corner stone, on which this great school has grown. He was a popular figure amongst staff members and with the boys. He served as deputy headmaster from the first day of the opening of St Augustine's on Monday, September 6th 1965. This was the face that met and greeted the aspiring first intake of boys. That day, he organised the boys into lines before they proceeded to Assembly, the first and forerunner of many such assemblies in the history of this great school. He remained on the teaching staff until the end of Summer term of the 1968/9 academic year.

He was born in Sale in 1924 and educated at Stonyhurst then King's College, Cambridge. He studied for the priesthood at the English College at Rome. He served in the diocese of Mbarara, Uganda(1958-63). He was assistant priest at St Bede's, Weaverham and St Paul's, Hyde(1963-79). In 1969 he took on his first charge as the first Parish Priest of St Philips, Offerton. He returned to Africa in 1972 serving in Rwanda and Kenya. He was Parish Priest at St George's Whitchurch before his final posting as Parish priest of the church of St Ann, Cheadle Hulme.

His commitment to education continued after leaving the teaching staff of St Augustine's as he took his seat on the board of School Governors. He was closely involved with education to his last days as Chaplain and Governor to St. James' Catholic High School, Cheadle Hulme including appointing at least one ex pupil of this school to teaching posts there!

In 1999, the reunion of the 1969 intake was honoured by his presence, a gesture appreciated by all of those there.

His funeral was con-celebrated by Bishop Brian Nobel, Canon Whelan, and Fr Munro on the 4th June. The panegyricist, none other than the Rev Frank Rice, a name that needs no introduction on Sharston Mount, gave a touching eulogy with a hint of humour true to the 'character' of Father "Bob".

He will be remembered as a learned colleague who dedicated his life to the church and education.

May God grant him peace.

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2nd Grand Reunion

Due to popular vote, the 2nd Grand Reunion has been deferred to 2005 - the 40th anniversary of the opening of St Augustine's Grammar School.

This has been mainly due to a lack of attendees but also to a lack of organisers.

This could be in November as previously or we could go for Saturday, 10th September 2005 being the Saturday after the 40th anniversary on the 6th September.

Opinions are now canvassed.

All offers of help gratefully receieved - please join an orderly queue in Martin Harding's Inbox! ( )

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Old Staff Stripes in Magenta
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Looking Back Stripes in Magenta


32 years ago today (give or take) I started at Augustines. That's a hell of a long time.

We all had long trousers except for Aidan Joy. I remember how childish that seemed then. Now I'm sitting in my shorts tapping on this computer, smelling the smoke from forest fires in British Columbia 500 miles away.

Other than that I've changed little - well I'm 160 pounds heavier, a little greyer, and a lot better looking.

Our form master was Mr. Glynn - or Panda as we called him.

Scrowsten had the whole class thrashed in the first week.

This week all those years ago I found out to my horror I would be learning the violin - and got to grade five without practicing. Years later it meant I could pick up a guitar and start picking almost immediately so there was a payoff.

I fell in love with a girl from Sharston -the way her knees poked out from her skirt as she sat prim and proper in her green blazer on the 80 (or was it the 88?). It was unrequited. But I remember those knees, and the occasions of sin they brought me to.... it would be a shame to go to hell because of a pair of knees!

Very few memories of the first day.
Wearing cardboard badges with our name on.Some of the older lads decided to pick us up by our lapels to see these up close.(Gosh were they tough!)
I caught the 102/100 at Newall Green through Woodhouse Park with most of the other Wyth lads joining on.
The bus fare was all of 2p.Sometimes I used to walk all the way, just to spend it at the Tuck Shop.
Our Form teacher was Hampson, who was okay.
Gobbo gave us a talk on the 6 day timetable.
We also had Dennison on the first day. He smacked me in front of the class because I let him give me a recorder book when I already had one (I was too frightened to speak).He strapped my mate for not calling him Sir.
We had Biology with Pop Stratton.We couldn't wait for him to do the facts of life.
We had English with Sponge-The Legend of Beowulf
The journey back was the scary one.Rather than go to the 44 bus stop where most of the pyjama boys were, the idiots from Sharston used to gang up on us on Brownley Road.Here they had a minority they could cope with.
Ah- Happy Days!

Miscellaneous Stripes in Magenta

.Plus de Franglais . . .

Douille housse pic n’glisse?

Do you speak english?

Ail ou radis?

Are you ready?


The bill

Qu’on gratte tous les jeunes!


Ma queue perd son alcool

Make a personal call

Mors mon nez

More money

Marie qui se masse

Merry Christmas

Oui Arlette

We are late

C’est que ça pèle

Sex appeal

Dix nourrices raidies

Dinner is ready

Mais dîne Frantz

Made in France

Ahmed a l’goût d’tripes

I made a good trip

Deux bouts d’chair

The butcher

Il se pique Germaine

He speaks german

Youssef vole ma femme au lit!

You saved all my family!

Six tonnes de chair

Sit on the chair

Sale teint de pépère

Salt and pepper

Beaune - Toulouse

Born to loose

Ame coquine

I’m cooking

Délicate et saine


Varices de grosseur?

Where is the grocer?

Guy vomit sous mon nez!

Give-me somme money!

Toute ta queue traîne

to take a train


Si vous parlez Franglais, envoyez quelques mots au rédacteur svp

Classified Stripes in Magenta
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Father ’Bob’ Abbott - 29 May 2003 RIP
First deputy headmaster of St Augustine's Grammar School, latterly parish priest of St Ann, Cheadle Hulme.

None reported

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Letters to Editor Stripes in Magenta
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Just to let you know that I am moving from Our Lady of Pity, Harlescott, Shrewsbury to a new parish, St Mary of the Angels, Chester Rd., Childer Thornton, Ellesmere Port.
Thank you for making so much effort to keep in touch.You are doing a great job keeping news of the community alive and more and more seem to be getting in touch. I suppose it is fun but you are very generous with your time.

It has the prospect of being an excellent move; it was good to have Fr McGuinness just round the corner . Hooton sounds to be a lively community and closer to academic connections. I am working on the proofs of my second book, a volume of essays on John Lingard, the nineteenth century Catholic priest and historian who was buried outside my bedroom window when I worked at Ushaw.
Warmest regards

Rev Peter Philips

Sorry I've not contributed for some time, but I hope this arrives in time for the next Stripes.
In the summer 03 issue was a photo of a football team unrecognised. As I'm the blond tubby one in the middle of the back row, I can give you more information.
It is the under 12s from 70 who reached the final of the Seymour Mead Cup where we were beaten 3-0 by Newall Green (we thrashed them 5-3 in the first round a year later). Coach was of course Denny Howells the best sports teacher ever and the game was played near Southern Cemetry
Left of me in the back row is Andy McDougall and two to the right Martin Harding, middle front row Paul Carney.
Also on the photo I can remember Ged Allen,Ged Kelly,Ian Nuttall, Mike Mottershead although I can't put names to faces.
The team was from the intake of 69 - I myself from 68 being allowed to play having started at Augustines at 10.
I visited England in summer(I still live in Germany) and memories came back when I drove past where school used to be.
Keep up the good work otherwise you'll get 6 of the best from Spike(I did once!!)

Franz Collinge.


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