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"From the Headmaster" Stripes in Magenta
My dear boys,
It is with great regret I was unable to be present at the First Grand Reunion of St Augustine's Grammar School.

However news reaches me from Old Boys throughout all corners of the world regarding the success of the occasion. I trust I was not forgotten amidst the merriment!
I am told those attending, whilst certainly not being comprehensive, included some of our first pupils who came to us in September, 1965 - thirty six years ago - right through to the final grammar school intake in 1976 - twenty five years ago. It was again gratifying to hear that so many of the original St Augustine's teaching staff were able to be present for this occasion which I am confident will be the first of many over the years to come.

It would have given the Headmaster great pleasure to hear your voices, once again raised in unison to the words of "For All the Saints" in the familiar arrangement by Ralph Vaughan Williams which remains "Sine Nomine". The pleasure would have been even greater could the event have been held in the historic Free Trade Hall, the venue for the memorable speechdays of this great school. Sadly I hear that this building may have followed in sharing the same fate as our own school building.

The Headmaster takes great delight in hearing the success had through your achievements in the wider world following your education at this great school and subsequently at the great universities of this land. It is of particular interest that at least one Old Boy has now stood as a parliamentary candidate; Despite aquitting himself well in the face of a considerable adversary, his entrance to the House of Commons has been deferred on this occasion. It remains my fervent belief that a St Augustine's Old Boy will, one day, take up residence at 10 Downing Street as a leader of this nation.

Due thanks should be given to the catering staff of the Greater Manchester Police Sports and Social Club who prepared a magnificent banquet worthy of the occasion and also to the bar staff who admirably attended to the thirst of our boys, which it has to be said, was not inconsiderable.

Forgive me, if I now mention a less savoury matter regarding a subject which, as you are all aware, is dear to me. I am aware that it was agreed that for this occasion informal dress would be permitted. Word has since reached me that some individuals may have collaborated to make a mockery of the uniform which was once the pride of Sharston Mount by having it displayed in a most unseemly and inappropriate fashion. I must put it to you that it would take not a majority, but only a minority of thoughtless Old Boys to turn this once revered uniform into an object of belittlement. Having given this matter due thought and whilst not undermining the gravity of the offence, I have decided that in view of the ubiquitous view that the occasion overall was a fitting tribute to this great school, the Headmaster will be merciful on the understanding there will be no further repetition of such behaviour.

On a final note,it might be commented that it would give the Headmaster immeasurable satisfaction if, given the financial success of the recent event, the organisers could give consideration to his aspirations that the organ might resurge once again to resound from Sharston Mount.

I wish each one of you every blessing for the coming term during which the lengthening days take us on towards the great Christian feast of Easter.

News Stripes in Magenta
Grand Reunion 2001

Some time last year the idea of a Grand Reunion of all years was mooted (... there might be sufficient interest?...the total number of Old Boys was manageable? interest appeared to be apparent?...some contact details were available from all years).

In December 2000, an inauguaral meeting re Grand Reunion was advertised via the web page and mass emailing
- the result - attendance 1!
Following a flyer in the first edition of "Stripes in Magenta"( January) a second shot was had in March
- attendance 4! all from '69 entry!

Despite this abysmal showing we decided to go ahead and a venue was provisionally booked for 9 November 2001. We advertised the date and venue via the April "Stripes" and the website and again appealed for help even just to pass the word on. Interest continued to be expressed but by August 2001, only 5 tickets had been sold (plus the organisers still four in number!). The cost of an advert in Manchester Evening News proved prohibitive and beyond the overdraft on our non existent bank account. The catchment parishes in Shewsbury and Salford dioceses were then individually contacted with a view to publicising the event via parish newsletters - most willingly agreed (many thanks). The website pulled in a few more contacts, week by week. All efforts were made to contact anyone who might know an ex Augustinian. Just a few more tickets, possibly 25, were sold by the time the "committee" met again in September. Beyond all reason, we remained optimistic, confirmed the venue, a photographer and the buffet. Mark Brennan joined the team (again from '69) volunteering to contact all staff with known contact details and to provide a cake.

Somehow all this paid off - most of the tickets were sold in late October/November including a good number at the door - I'm not sure if Martin has an accurate final number but I think about 150 were there with representation from all years.

On the night ...

A really enjoyable night...Shaun Hopkinson's 'My Way' should be released as a single. The only disappointment on the night was the microphone being switched off before his rendition of 'Delilah' // A very enjoyable evening. Felt it needed some music...maybe a band for after the buffet and speeches // What joy to see so many old friends. // A great evening. Maybe more karaoke next time. ... To spend a whole evening drinking & laughing, what more could anybody want? // a great time ..the buffet was grand - thanks for sticking out for 20...some music would have been nice...a bit disappointing to see numbers much reduced on the staff side // change nothing, it was fine as it was...something that to many will be remembered equally as much as the school itself (maybe, a damn sight more pleasantly!) // a very, very, passable evening. // excellent - great to see old faces, good location and a good turn-out from '73! Lack of formality was fine by me - speeches hit the mark and the particularly surreal rendition of For All the Saints was bizarre to say the least ...Any improvements? The 'karaoke' at the end was a bit much for my taste // a great time...felt a bit uncomfortable wearing a badge with my name on // appreciated the moments silence for those who'd passed - a nice touch - in spirit I'm sure Spike was there tucking into the buffet & getting pissed with the rest of us...weird // different // special // spooky // surreal- but nice ! ...evening passed too time: it might be an idea to spread it over a weekend - free camping,stalls selling drugs & colonic irrigation, hookers working the room, body piercing etc. ha ha ! // excellent all round for me...don't think adding music would add to the occasion since it would make it more difficult to talk...sure the next will be an even bigger success. // can you publish the names of attendees ? ...did us (and the Mons.) proud // Too much loud music, sit down meals, or concerts would hamper those who just wanted to mingle and wallow in nostalgia, aided by alcoholic intake // The memory of the impromtu "For all the Saints" was eerie, but demonstrated to me what was eventually lost as Plessington took over from Augustines. That would not have happened at a Plessington re-union. // "hugely enjoyable evening altogether. // The buffet was excellent;hot food as well as cold. // the lack of background music actually made the evening more sociable...liked the name badges.. a spooky reminder // a bit of a lump to the throat when everybody sang For All The disappointment was that we were the only ones from 70 intake. // karaoke was hilarious - Carl Brennan singing Irish 'folk" songs!'...appreciated the free drink // Friday was a triumph...thanks again to the prefects for making it possible. Looking forward to the next Grand Reunion already. // a tremendous evening. Many thanks to those who contributed their time, effort, tenacity and finance in the organisation of the of the best websites I've seen...the catalyst and inspiration for the reunion...Thanks also to those ....who made the effort to be there. "

Order of Events

  1. Contributions to the Organ Fund
  2. Registration and issue of name badges
  3. Introductions and welcome
  4. Buffet
  5. Vote of thanks - Martin Harding
  6. Formal Photographs
  7. "For All the Saints" acc. organ
  8. Short speeches by Staff members
  9. Further sustenance
  10. Vocal entertainment by Shaun Hopkinson, Carl Brennan and others

Throughout the evening, the new site of St Augustine's Grammar School was available for viewing by attendees

Attendance list
[] all accounts a good night!

So ... what next?

Many of those that attended, and those that couldn't be there on the night, have already passed comment on the next reunion!
Having played a part in getting the ball rolling for this one, I personally feel it is time to take a more back stage role. I also feel that to repeat the event too frequently could potentially slow the whole momentum, even to a halt. 2005 would see the 40th anniversary of the opening of the school and might be a fitting date for the next Grand Reunion or is this too far away?

  • Should there be another "Grand" Reunion? If so:-

    • When should it take place? Where should it be? What form should it take?

      • Who is prepared to help organise it?

Martin Harding has volunteered to be coordinator if there is an interest.
Comments via discussion page please.


Immediately prior to the Grand Reunion, the hit-rate on the website reached an alltime high of 160 visitors per day (generally 40-80)
The e-circulation of "Stripes in Magenta" is now over 250.
The "home pages" for each entry year have proved quite fruitful - thanks to those of you that have submitted your details, many of which are included in this issue of Stripes.
Rare video footage of the Monse is now on site thanks to Barny Booth.
The 1971 formal photo has most faces named and formal photos from 1966 and 1969 are also uploaded.
Many and varied topics have been aired on the discussion board, some more hotly than others. Please note, although moderation will be kept to a minimum, any material which could be regarded as unlawful or grossly offensive will be removed.
Recent interactive additions have included:
a jokes page "
All in the the Worst Possible Taste" which has pulled all that the title deserved!
and a book/film/music
review page which has drawn a more measured response.
Still more material is promised including more letters from the Headmaster and staff photos (NC),
The 1L Subbuteo League (KF), 3D reconstruction of the building(SOC), a letter from Headmaster from 72 , various other memorablia (CB) ...
Shortly to appear are the first installment of the monographs from the chapter headings in "A School Mathematics Project".

Help...Running out of webspace...

Sadly the website has now been a victim of it's own success and we are running out of webspace, currently using 19.3Mb out of the 20Mb. Freenetname is not offering to provide any more. Most of the space is taken up by photos. The photos have mostly been cut down to minimum resolution consistent with a satisfactory appearance on site. Hosted elsewhere are the 2001 reunion photos, the various interactive pages, the annexe (Mark Brennan) and Jason Birch's '76 pages - these are not included in the 19.3Mb freenetname webspace. Room for expansion is severely limited.

Options are

  1. To fragment the site between different providers (ISPs)- the interactive pages and 2001 reunion photos are already provided by Orknet. This might prove more difficult to maintain.
  2. To limit any further expansion and review what is already contained on site. (This would mainly mean removing some pictures esp the larger ones - this does not include 2001 reunion photos which are hosted elsewhere)
  3. To move the whole site to a new provider which would allow a larger web space quota (50Mb is not uncommon now). This is not technically difficult but would involve a transfer fee (94) for the domain name "" and is likely to involve an annual subscription fee for the webspace.
  4. Using the main site ( as a hub and link to independently maintained sites from within this. This could be made to seem relatively seemless using the frame arrangement as at present.

Option number 3 would be the preferred option as far as the webmaster is concerned but does raise a question of finance. I currently do not pay for the freenetname space other than the phone connection charges. Although the domain name was originally free, I would have to pay to transfer to another provider. An interim arrangement might be to leave with the current provider, freenetname, and have the opening page automatically transfer to a site on a site hosted by a new provider. This could be less satisfactory in many ways (eg search engines).

Any thoughts on Hosting, Finance, etc appreciated Peter Fay (webmaster)

Old Boys Stripes in Magenta
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976
Let us know something of what you've been doing since days of Sharston Mount ( )

Paul Stevenson
Hazel Grove

Mark Brennan < >
1 Sunnyfield Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, SK4 3HS.
0161 442 4353 (H) 07967038451(W)
Occupation: Production Coordinator - Kellogg's
Family: Married - 3 Children
Interests: Cricket - Capt, Chelford 2nd X1,DIY
Other Information: Left Augustine's in 1969 to join Royal Navy (easier regime!).

Paul Bird < >
Foxhills, 4 Gorsey Lane, Altrincham,Cheshire WA144BN
01619415233(H) 07977474520(W) 01619415780(F)
Occupation: Retired
Family: married to Diana with two daughters - Emma (12) and Ella (5)
Interests: Manchester United, golf, cars
Other Information: Left St Augustines, Completed a BA in Library Studies at Manchester Poly
Then worked for Littlewoods, Telefusion, United Biscuits, Grand Met and Boddingtons as director of different businesses. Set up my own healthclub business (Trainstation ) in 1997 and sold it in July 2001 - Now a Man Of Real Leisure.

Martin Blomley < >

John 'Jack' Swindells < >

Mark Sanders < >
265 Brooklands Road,Brooklands,Manchester
Occupation: police officer
Family: wife,Gaynor..hannah 10y and kate 5y
Interests: Manchester City
69 - 79  Corporal 1st Royal Tank Regiment.79 onwards Police Officer in Moss Side

Roger Donbavand  <>

Alistair Drain < >
Isle of Wight
(joined in VI form 1970- 72)

Tony Hamer < >

John Greenwood <>
Chippenham, Wiltshire

Michael (Tony) Hurley <>
Heywood, Lancs

Dave Slack < >
Maltmans South, High Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex, RH17 5EN
01444 453334 (H)
Occupation: Insurance Admin Manager
Interests: Trying to learn hang gliding (before I die) - or maybe the last thing I do before I die!

Barry Brennan <>
0121 265 3920(W) 0121 265 3950(F)
Occupation: Director Fraud Prevention at HFC Bank
Family: Wife Dot and two boys aged 18 and 15

Tony Sweeney <>

Chris Blaydon <>

Paul Morris <>
Superintendent in charge of development for the Royal Montserrat Police
National Football coach for Monserrat

Chris Terry < >

Tex Birch <>

Bernard Brown < >

Simon Barnicott < >
Occupation: spent the last 24 years working for the Inland Revenue, but have only dealt with tax for the last seven months. 
Interests: stopped playing rugby after spending most of a season recovering from four dislocated shoulders ( no not deformed just did one three times!). 
Family: wife (Elizabeth) and children (Kathryn 14 and Jonathan 11)

Rob Bolton <>
Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Chris Gibbs <>

Paul O'Connell < >
43 Catterick Road
Didsbury M20 6HF
0161 434 2604(H) 0161 907 3325(W) 0161 907 3120(F)
Occupation: Architect
Family: Girl (7) Boy (5)
Interests: Drink

Rich Dacosta <>
48 Chestnut ave, York
Occupation: Special Education teacher
Family: 1 partner - Jan, 2 children Nick 21 and Tom 17
Interests: Dance music
Other Information: teaching since leaving..........  God i've not been out of school(s) since the age of 5!   sad or what

Peter J Briggs < >
34 Chollerford Close, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne,\NE3 4RN
0191 284 7035 (H) 0191 273 8811 Ex22455 (W)
Occupation: Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Family: Wife - Marian
Daughters - Rachel, Elizabeth, Gillian

Henry Dillon < >
Portsmouth, hants

Laurie Wilmot <>
Harpenden, Herts

Pat Rattigan < >
0161 449 7852(H) 01204 336120(W)
Occupation: Town Planner
Family: Wife, Fiona; Daughters , Katherine & Rachel

Anthony Murphy < >
Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire
Occupation: Commander Royal Navy
Family: Wife Alison, Son Thomas

Mike Devoy < >
Longford, Kingsland, Hereford HR6 9QN
01568 708178(H)
Vetinary Surgeon
Married to Jill Cross in 1989 Children: Gregory (b1995) and Emily (b1998)
Interests: Still bored senseless by football. Hillwalking when time permits. Can still run!
Other Information: After graduating from UCNW Bangor, 2 years VSO in Zambia then started Vetinary Course at Cambridge. Qualified 1985. Now partner in mixed vetinary practice.

John Davies < >
62 Cannon Hill Gardens, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 2TA
01202 848036(H) 01202 305256(W) 01202 717550 (F)
Occupation: Director
Family: Wife - Misako (Japanese) and three boys - Alexander, Christopher and Edward
Other Information: University of London BSc Chemistry, 2 years at British Aerospace in Warton, 11 Years with US Petroleum Engineering Company based in Japan, Singapore and USA.  4 Years with Canadian environmental and waste management company in the USA and Malaysia.  back to the UK in 1999 as a director of a swiss company manufacturing gas detection equipment.  Currently director of small software development company writing Unified messaging systems, and Computer Telephony stuff.

Laurence Whitworth < >
Northchurch Hertfordshire

Martin Pickersgill < >

Terry McCarthy < >
Occupation: Partner IT Services company
Family: Laura (15) Steven (13)

Anthony  Cooper < > "Emil"
Occupation: Sales Manager
Family: 2 children Richard (12) & Sarah (7)

Ian Nuttall < > 'Nutters'
11 Arthog Drive, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 0NB
Occupation: Marketing Director
Family: Married with 3 children
Interests: Football, golf, ferrying children to various outdoor activities
Famous Moments: Witheld to avoid legal action!
Other Information: Marriage, children, mid-life crisis - not in any order of importance

Ged Battle
< >

Dominic Berry < >

Chris Macwilliam < >
Occupation: Solicitor

Barney Booth < >
Address: Stockport
Occupation: water technician
Family: married with one daughter, aged 15
Interests: all sorts- travelling, drinking, going to cinema, listening to rock music, dancing to rock music
Other Information: career- pretty boring really. 6 months with the CIS and 23 years with North West Water/United Utilities.

Hugh Kearney < >
58 The Oval Heald Green Cheadle, Cheshire
07768898229 (m)
Family: wife Mary, 2 daughters Helen (15) and lizzie (12)

Mike O'Kane < >
19 The Downs, School's Hill, Cheadle SK8 1JL
0161 428 6207(H)
Occupation: Pilot
Family: Married, two stepsons
Interests: I play as much tennis as I can over at David LLoyd in Cheadle. Otherwise life revolves around work, eating out and travel. Flying for a living certainly facilitates travelling and it beats the hell out of working for a living.
Other Information: I left the beloved establishment as "damaged goods", spending the next four years gaining the education which was so elusive earlier on. I learnt to fly privately and after a short spell in the RAF became a commercial pilot. I've worked for Britannia Airways for the last 14 years. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Steve McCabe <
Roseau, Dominica, West Indies
Occupation: Webmaster
Other Information: Did 5 years as a VSO here in the Caribbean, and, well like you do, just stayed on.

Simon Backler < >
34 Bollin Close, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 9PZ
01925 759565(H)
Occupation: Director of Wholsale Florists Sundries Co
Family: Wife of 18 months (Diane) expecting
Daughter Lucy 5 years Stepson James 10
Interests: Most sports, drinking, generally socialising
Other Information: Degree in Economics from Warwick. 18 months in Oz. 18 years on New Smithfield Market

John Greene < >
Doha, Qatar
Occupation: Control systems engineer
Family: Anne Grethe (wife), Peter (13), Maria (11)
Interests: Diving, sailing, travel
Famous Moments: Passed my chemistry A level due to extensive knowledge of hydrogen bonding.
Ringleader in petition against changing school lunch times.
'Wagged it' several times a week during 6th Form and never got caught.
Other Information: Engineering degree from Sheffield University. Two years at Worth Abbey lay community, two years working with handicapped/sick for Camphill Village Trust. Followed a pretty girl to Denmark together with all my earthly belongings (100 and a pile of books). Worked in oil industry in Denmark, Norway, UK, Libya, Singapore and Qatar.

David Thompson
Occupation: Regional Manager
Family: Married to Liz.
Good Catholic Boy: No Kids
Interests: Rugby; Man U; Traveling; Beer.

Richard Briggs <
4 Meadow Way, Yarnton, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 1TA
01865 377189(H)
Occupation: General Practitioner, Oxford
Family: Married to Sara
Five children (Pleased to see I'm not the only one, Ged): Girls: nearly16;14;10; Boys 12;10
Interests: I still play the piano ...

Gerry Doyle < >

David Thompson < >
Occupation: Regional Manager
Family: Married to Liz.
Good Catholic Boy: No Kids
Interests: Rugby; Man U; Traveling; Beer.

Anthony Hulse < >
12 Bridlecreek Heath SW Calgary AB., T2Y 3N5
403 201-7975 (H and Fax)
Occupation: Financial Advisor
Family: Wife Teresa
Children Peter(3)Aidan (18 months)
Interests: Sleep... (see above)
Other Information: 79-82 Law school, 84-90 Franciscan Friar, 90-93 prison chaplain, 93-99 teacher and school adminstrator, 99 to present financial advisor.  Tomorrow?

Robert O'Sullivan < >
5 Motcombe Farm Rd Heald Green Stockport SK8 3RW
0161 436 6013(H) 0161 286 5000(W)
Occupation: IT Manager
Family: Married with 3 brats.
Claire aged 9; Luke aged 11; Maxine aged 28

John Fitzgerald <>

John Hollins < >
Occupation: Credit Controller- Manchester Airport Plc
Family: Married 1995,one girl,aged 5
Interests: Still play football (5-a side only). Enjoy watching/playing golf.
Other Information: Still debating whether it was a wise choice to leave in the 5th year!

Andrew Higgins <>
Snarestone, Leicestershire

Sean Wallwein < >
Darlington,County Durham
Occupation: Customer Service Manager
Family: Living in good catholic manner , (over the brush)one beautiful daughter Stephanie Louise(8)
Interests: Fishing, Baseball

Graham Young < >
Princeton, New Jersey,US
Occupation: Purchasing Manager
Family: Married to Sheila in August 2001
Interests: St. Augustine's Web site !!
Climbing / cycling / bringing culture and soffistication (sic) to the USA

Greg Howell < >
16 Showell Grove, Droitwich Spa,Worcs,WR9 8UD
01902 356550(H) 01905 797686(W)
Occupation: Head of Engineering, Russell Hobbs
Family: Married to Sue, 2 boys : James(4) & Andrew (2)
Interests: Photography, foreign steam trains

Paul Quinn < >
Associate Director in Clinical Development Department for Pfizer
Married to Elizabeth; 3 kids
Other Inforamation: BSc Pharm & Physiol (Manchester) then PhD (Leicester)

John Bell <>

Nick Moss <
Was a criminal lawyer and have recently given it up to become a cycling and sustainable transport officer for SUSTRANS based at Lincoln.

Ian Hazeldine <
566 London Road, Davenham, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 8LR
Family: Married Janet from Loreto and now have two children
Interests: Cars - still

Gerard Langan < >
Occupation: Company Director
Family: Wife & 1 Son (22)

John Kawalek < >
Sheffield University

Mike Croker < > 'George'
St. Ives, Cambridgeshire
Family: Married with two children

Mike Finch < >

Trevor Madden <>

Damian Hickey < >
Wincham, Cheshire
Family: 3 children, Chris, Emma & Adrian

Dave Thurston < >
19 Lawson Av, Gatley SK8 4PL
0161 428 8517(H) 07973 628 572 (W)
Business Development Manager
Married with 4 kids
Interests: You must be joking (4 kids!) still watch Man U though, Golf, 5 a side

Norman Kavanagh < >

Paul Humphries < >

Phil Lowe < >
Timperley, Manchester
1kid, two cars!

Nick Mannion < >
Bowdon, Cheshire
Occupation: Account Manager for Telecom Carrier
Family: Married, no kids.

David Hamnett <
Occupation: Engineer

Nick  McKie < >
Occupation: Chartered Physio
Family: Twin girls

John Riley < > < > 'Jack'
Occupation: Aftersales product manager for fork lift truck manufacturer.
Family: Married 7 years, no kids
Interests: My main obsession (Suzanne says it's definatly not a hobby)is a large collection of British post war military vehicles. They range from a Thorneycroft Antar tank transporter(complete with its trailer) to an Austin Champ (British equivalent to the Jeep).
Famous Moments: Knocked out Johnny Maher in a scrap by the bike sheds after a toussle in the tuck shop Q.
Other Information: Went straight to work for Renold Chain at Burnage as a Technician apprentice, transfered to Renold Research & Development, Style after 12 months. completed apprenticeship. worked in automotive R&D for 2 years then left before financial collapse to work as a field service engineer for BT Rolatruc fork lift trucks. Promoted to Teritory Service Manager after 18 months. Became engineering services manager after 5 years(looking after a team of 30 field service engineers in the north west). In 1996 took on the role of UK Aftersales Product Manager for counter balance trucks, still doing it.

Sean Keeley <> or < >
Thrapston, Northants
Married to Debbie with three children, Matthew (5), Gemma (3) and Andrew (10 months)
07736 174915 (M)

Paul O'Sullivan < >
Occupation: Spent many years touring as a professional musician.
Now working as lecturer in Modern History and curriculum leader in Humanities for MAES.
Family: Two beautiful children, Christy and Kitty. 

Ian Ankers < >'fozzy'

John Ross < >
Occupation: Civil Servant
Family: Wife Kerry
2 bin lids Katherine & Niall
Interests: Still Heavy Metal fan and True Blue

Brendan O'Brien <>

Mark Whelan < > 'Wiggy'
25 Church Road, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire
Occupation: Research & Development Chemist
Family: Married to Helen
3 Children: Becky,Dan and Christian
Interests: Plymouth Argyle Football Club (since my conversion circa 1985)
Otherwise as always: Booze and Films and Rock and Roll! 

Kevin O'Sullivan < > 'Nickname: Lots- but you're not having them!'
Bybrook House, Yeld Road, Bakewell, DE45 1FJ.
07798 925 109(H)
Occupation: Doctor (G.P.)
Interests: Coming home from work!
Famous Moments: Carrying school dinners in my pockets, "kingi" and not much else.
Other Information: Usual things- failing exams, kicking myself up the backside and eventually limping through university (more by default and favours than by design!).

Tim Wyatt <
Wirral, Merseyside
Occupation: Company Director
Family: Married, 2 Children
Interests: Making some money
Other Information: Went to Loreto, the Liverpool University for 8 years, worked for Softlab (BMW), Computer Associates, KSS and now have my own company.

Graham Bagshaw < > 'Baggy'
United States
Occupation: Computer programmer
Family: Married - no kids yet.
Other Information: I did an apprenticeship, worked all over Manchester. Then spent 8 years working at Sellafield before moving to the USA in Aug. '99. Now living and working near Boston.

Bill Murphy <
Family: One wife, three kids
Famous Moments: Wasted the opportunity of a fantastic education because I didn't give a f**k !!
Other Information: Left school, got a shite apprenticeship (as an electrician) with the Direct Works. Stuck that out for 4 years (I was indentured)joined the RAF as an electronics technician.(Radar, HF Comms, IT Networking etc) Have now been in for 16 years, loved most of it, hated some of it. Travelled a lot, have lived in the Med for 6 years, and am now on another 3 years here in Cyprus. After that, it's 3 years left to do until I'm chillin' out with my pension !!

Old Staff Stripes in Magenta
Salute to Richard Scrowston

Richard, ave and hi!
Welcome to the website - you were our Byron, our angry young man. Who better to fly into screeching rages at the misspelling of onomatop… onameto…. Opotopoto…. Onanism ( no, that’s not the right one) onomatopoeia ( blimey, Word 7 spellchecker let that pass!)

Too many quixotic tales about you RGS- let’s just recall one...How about an English class for 14 year olds in the early seventies:

poor Andy M’s pen ran out
"Sir, me pen’s ran out"
"pen’s run out lad, pen - run -out! Hm, pluck off a nipple and use that!"

True story - and clean!

Good to see you at the reunion Richard - you were our Muse our Aerial, our Fairy Snow! (oops!); hail to thee, blithe spirit!


Staff Revue

We intended a staff review; a simple tale of a meeting in the Monsignor’s office by senior staff, to plan budgeting for the year ahead...

... and then ...Hollywood got hold of it - this is what came back……..oh dear oh dear……..

Stripes the Return
- dialogue draft 1.1

The characters in this production are entirely fictitional.

18 Suitable only for persons of 18 years and older
Not to be supplied to any person below that age
THEME/OTHER Academic Sitcom