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Michaelmas Term

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"From the Headmaster" Stripes in Magenta
My dear boys, teaching staff and friends of the school

Permit me to inform you of the arrangements for the Grand Reunion — the first in our history — on Friday, 9th November, 2001.
There will be a licensed bar from 7.30pm till late and Buffet service from 8pm.

The main purpose of this function is to bring together for a festive occasion the Old Boys and the teaching staff as well as other friends of the school. We presume that your wives, husbands and friends may be all be considered friends of the school.
Dress will be informal: on this occasion the wearing of a tie may be considered optional for Old Boys and teaching staff are granted a dispensation from their obligation to wear a gown. However, it has been intimated to the Headmaster that an Old Boys tie has been designed and is currently being manufactured; it is hoped that these may be available for purchase on the evening of the reunion.
Tickets for the reunion will cost 20. This price includes the total cost of the Buffet, which I believe is to be of excellent quality.
You may order tickets by post from
Martin Harding: 19 Keats Avenue, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire, an old boy of this school. Cheques should be made out to "St. Augustine’s GS."
Regretably, I am unable to be with you all, but trust a cordial time will be had by all and that the occasion will do honour to this great school.
I wish you all well for the academic year.
News Stripes in Magenta
Grand Reunion 2001

Friday 9 November 2001.
This should be a night NOT to miss

  • ALL entry years (1965 right through to1976) welcome.
  • ALL Staff welcome
  • Feel free to bring partners along
  • GMP Sports and Social Club at Hough End (7.30 for 8pm).
  • Buffet meal, bar and more will be provided.
  • Admission will be by ticket only. Numbers may be limited so get your ticket early! 
  • Tickets will be issued on receipt of SAE + cheque for 20 payable to "St Augustine's GS".
  • Tickets are now available from Martin Harding: 19 Keats Avenue, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire.

Help would be appreciated in trying to contact all old boys and staff, so pass the word on.
Invitations in MS Word Format to pass on

The costs of the reunion are currently being underwritten by the organisers. Full accounts will be available after the event. Any residual funds will be kept to provide a float for organising future events. In the event of there being a significant positive balance following payment of all bills, a decision will be made either to reimburse part of the cost or donate monies to a suitable charity.

The website is currently having over 40 visitors per day.
Several Augustinians find it for the first time each week adding comments on the discussion board or to the guestbook.
Recent enhancements include rugby, athletics and football team photos including youthful a Denny Howells
and Jim McCabe (Jim Toft and John Lally), Andalo skiing trip photos (Sean O'Callaghan), more details on TV Top of the Form ( Pat Harris and Josephine Maltby), 1974 trip to Hadrian's Wall (Paul Fay).
Many more personal email links have been added.
New "home pages" for each entry year contain more details from all years of Old Boys who have contributed personal updates.
All material is welcome, especially

  • letters from the Headmaster
  • programs from theatrical productions
  • pre1969 Speechday programs
  • photos

Old Boys Stripes in Magenta
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976
Let us know something of what you've been doing since days of Sharston Mount ( )

Leo Connolly
< >
Baildon, West Yorkshire

Adrian Dyer < >

Andy Halpin < >

Andrew Hartnett < >
Las Vegas, US

Terence Healy <>

Christopher Hobin < >

John Lally <>

Tom Marinan < >
41 Richmond Avenue,Shoeburyness,Southend On Sea, SS3 9LE
01702 290741 (H) 01702 290094 (W) 01702 290741 (F)
Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Family: Wife Olga
7 year old daughter Marina
Trained as croupier. Worked abroad in Casino Management for 20 years. Back in UK. Started mortgage broking business.

Paul Moran < >
(joined 1969)

Tony (aka Vincent) Tetlow <
Bramhall, Stockport
Occupation: Principal Clinical Scientist
Other Information: Since I escaped in 1973 to University of Sussex (1st in Biochemistry) I only went back to the school once. What I read on notice board about sums up how weird the place was - only realised after I left. When our children were born made sure they were not going to go through same experience I did - now attend Methodist church.

Tony Thiele
Occupation: Own Confectionery Distribution Co
Family: wife & 3 children
Interests: varied

Adam Zaslona -
possibly in S Wales

Barry Brennan <>
HFC Bank

Thomas Carville < >

Tony Greenwood < >

Eamonn Horton < >

"Knickers" McGee

Fred Stanton < >
Tyldesley, Gtr Manchester

"Jonah Lomu" Sweeney

Edward Tickle < >

Steve Williams < >

Harry Davis < >
Failsworth, Manchester
Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse Manager (RMN)
Family: Wife-Janet, 2 Daughters, Hannah-17 and Jessie-9
Interests: Watching Rugby Union (Sale Sharks), Cycling.
Other Information: Finished English degree at Manchester. Local Government then psychiatric nursing.

Joseph Greevy < >
50 Thornbury Wood, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 5DQ
023 8025 4854 (H) 023 8063 7155 (W) 023 8033 9429 (F)
Occupation: Chartered Quantity Surveyor
Family: Wife - Izzy
Son - Ted (Edward) born 1990
Daughter - Jenni (Jennifer) born 1987
Interests: Watching rugby, drinking, sailing and golf but not necessarily in that order.
Also travelling and the search for world peace.
Other Information: Graduated 1978 from Leeds Poly (Quantity Surveying), spent 3 years working in Manchester, 3 years in Libya, 5 years in London and moved to Southampton in 1988.Not much else to say - married 2 kids and drive a Volvo estate. God it makes depressing reading - I must try and get out more.

Stephen (Paul) Cartwright < spcmc@earthink,net >
Washington DC USA
Occupation: Health & Safety Manager (Aircraft Fueling)
Family: Married to Melanie (17 years)
Children Victoria 12 and Rebecca 9
Other Information: Lived in around Stockport / Cheadle Hulme until '99 when moved to Washington DC USA. as expat for BP

Jim Bowers <>
Morpeth, Northumberland

Henry Dillon
Portsmouth, hants

Aidan Dooley <>

Michael Hudson < >

Patrick Keetley < >

Paul Leeming <>

Anthony Murphy < >

Michael O’Brien < >

David O’Reilly < >

Philip Ryder < >

Jarlath Walsh <
31 Ashdene Road
M20 4WX
0161 282 5681 (H) 0161 223 2244 (W) 0161 223 6247 (F)
Occupation: General Manager - Manchester Velodrome
Family: 4 kids; 1 boy (Kieran,11) and 3 girls (Niamh, Sophie and Bryony, all 9)
Oh!Yes! And one wife - Sandra
Interests: Booooring I'm afraid! Cycling, squash (not so much now I've a bad back!), this a cv or what?
Other Information: Where to start? Sports Studies at Newcastle. Worked in Hampshire as manager of a sports complex. Thence to' of all places, Kirkby Sports Centre until 1995 until obtaining current job as General Manager at the Manchester Velodrome.

John Whatnall < >
Wilmslow Halliwell Landau

John Gill
Ramsbottom, Lancashire

George Hawthornthwaite < >
Rawtenstall, Lancs

Stavors (update)
Very quiet year in some respects and then, having got divorced since the last, or is that the first, reunion, I have met up with Carol who I knew some twenty years ago and having both been married and divorced have decided to spend the rest of our lives together - wedding day 29th September  2001 in Gretna Green followed by a cruise round the Atlantic Islands. Still studying for my OU diploma - next course starts early November and there's only two more years to go now.
See you all at the reunion in November.

Karl Blachnicki < >
Middlewich, Cheshire

Gerard Bowers < >

Paul Bridge < >

Aloysius Gregg < >

Peter Hartnett < >
Stotfold, Herts

Pete Humphreys <>

Brian McGuire < >
Thames Ditton, Surrey

Chris Riley < >
Portland, Oregon USA

Paul Thompson < >
Norwich Norfolk

Andy Wills ?in Australia

Gerry Doyle < > New email address

Adrian Fedyk < >
Occupation: Marketing Director
Family: Married 11 Years to Michelle, 2 boys aged 10 and 6
Interests: Still a manic Utd fan, which makes me unique in Guildford as I'm the only one actually from Manchester.
Other Information: I'm currently Marketing Director at AssetHouse Technology Ltd based in Guildford after a brief but highly entertaining spell at a "dot-com" attempting to launch mobile location services to a non-existent WAP market. After qualifying with a BA from Sussex University and an MSc in Information Systems, I moved into marketing management at IBM before progressing to a European role at Apple Computer. I was part of the team that launched Orange in the UK, and went on to join BT in the late 1990's.

Paul Ferenczi <>
Somerville USA

Andrew Hall <>

Mark Howells

Anthony Hulse < >
Deputy Headmaster, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Steven Johnston ( STEVEJ@MFGL.COM )
Financial Adviser Morgans Limited 41 Gay Street Bath BA1 2NT
01225 481900 ext 125 (W) 07967 160101 (M)

Paul Kilkenny <>

Tony Lyons < >
Address: 22 Woodburn Road
M22 4BZ
0161 998 2046 (H) 07799888229 (W)
Occupation: ICT Adviser
Family: Married (Teresa) with two children (Dominic,7) and Craig (2)
Interests: Cycling, cycle racing and Manchester City
Other Information: University-taught for a few years-did some research-played with computers

Andrew McHugh <>

Adrian Bibby < >
ICL Westfields House, West Avenue, Kidsgrove, Staffs, ST7 1TL

Peter Carroll < >
Stood as Lib Dem against Michael Howard in 2001 election

Greg Nolan < >

Hugh Ranson < >

Terence Stanton < >

Andrew Weaver < >

Jonathon Axon < >

Paul Booth < >

Des Cox < >
Sydney NSW

Andrew Fielding 'Henry' < >
Nottingham/San Francisco

Jon Hulse <>
Kingston, Ontario Canada -

Simon Johnson < >

Paul Johnston < >

Paul Philbin <>

John Timmons <>

Anthony Wood < >

Brown, Andy < >
living in manchester, married with children, manager at a reprographics company

Noel Burke <>
Bromsgrove, Worcs

Colin Calnan < >
15 Melrose Avenue, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 2BH
020-8953-6597 (H) 020-451-6020 (W) 020-451-9080 (F)
Occupation: Chartered Surveyor
Family: Wife + 3 boys + 3 cats
Interests: Flying, Saracens RFC

Mike Chapman <>
Teaching. Evesham, Worcs

Aidan Columb <>

Mike Day <>

Chris Doran <>

Paul Dwyer <>

Terry Finn <>

Dominic Fitzsimmons <>

Paddy Greenall <>

Sean Hopkinson < >

David 'Jim' Kierman <>

Rob More < >
Married with 2 kids.
Work as computer programmer.
Still live in Manchester area.

Sean O'Callaghan <>
Cheadle Hulme

Martin Ralphs <>

Andy Walsh <>

David Williams ('Tank')

Peter Booth <>
Hong Kong

Stuart Busby <>

Callahan, Timothy < >

Cochrane, Paul < claire& >

Tony Murray <
07799535192 (H)
Occupation: Freelance Journalist

Jim Mutch <>

Vincent Petrykowski< >

Renshaw, Robert < >

Pat Toolis <>
Middlewich, Cheshire

Martin Wilson < >
Totton, Hampshire
Occupation: Healthcare Insurance Consultant
Family: Wife - Sandy
Daughter - Eleanor
Interests: Pretty much what it was years ago -    Sci-fi, films, literature, music

Alex Dowd < >
0161 8690027 (W)
Occupation: IT Sales Manager

Jez Griffiths <>
GP in Nottingham

Dave Marsland < >
Occupation: film/video editor

Carl Morris < >

John Peduzzi < >
Shefford, Bedfordshire

Old Staff Stripes in Magenta
News and contacts

Christine Dawson < >

Looking Back Stripes in Magenta
Right Reverend and Dear Monsignor:
It was always so hard to write to you. You were so awe-inspiring, yet often suprising. Do you remember the time you came to visit us (Me, and Tim and Jon Hulse) early one Saturday morning. The doorbell rang. My mum answered, and you were standing there holding up the milk bottles, dressed in your finest lay suit (looking like a mafioso from the fifties - double breasted, pin-striped, hair oiled back). While you were ushered into the front room by my mum, my dad ushered us into the kitchen, so we could be working on our homework when you asked about us. After a cup of tea you came and chatted to us.
How could you chat to someone like you. So flawed, so big, so formal, so much a visionary: but you always seemed extremely interested in us pupils. I know you knew everyone by name.
The first time I met you (the "interview"), you asked me if I was going to Oxford or Cambridge. Well I tried to get into Oxford - passed the exams, but failed the interview - I was too arrogant, and told them, Why go to Oxford and get a BA, when I could go to King's London, and get an LL.B with better teachers? So they said, "Why don't you...." But the point is, that from day on, you expected excellence from us. Actually, I hated Law and never practiced.
The demise of the school, however, in no way reflects the demise of your spirit, but the realities of life as we all stumble forward.
So, in the spirit of your vision for each of us individually, and in the hope that we might each achieve some measure of that vision for ourselves:

I have the honour to be,
Right Reverend and Dear Monsignor,
Your humble (and a little less awestruck, and a little more honest) pupil.

Anthony Hulse

An outstanding performance! "But, I was only doing my best, sir"
  ...from the jotters of Pete Law

Last Days

Have a look at the new pictures Peter will be putting up – they are the last of the archive barring a few slides and scrappy stuff
The "last days of the school" set is now complete – it was actually pretty unpleasant taking these in July 1988, not only because it involved wading through inches of rubble and glass covering every floor but also there was a definite feeling of decay and shame about the building.
There was not a single pane of glass in the place – even the reinforced stuff cladding the building had gone; all the metal fittings had been stripped – locks, handles, taps, pipes, radiators, even the keyhole shapes in drawers; some of the doors had obviously been locked shut and kicked open – the locks being stronger than the doors in Spike’s office
There was flooding in the main block, and fires had been through the chapel, hall, and upper toilets.
It was a bright and breezy day – you can see the movement in the overgrown trees in the pictures.. upstairs on the top floor the light fitting remnants and tattered blackouts were thrashing about in the wind – this was very creepy; in the biology lab the kids had written something like " this is a great place for wrecking but watch out for the priest" – presumably Harry Stratton but maybe a more formidable robed figure walked at twilight…
Every ceiling was down, also all the roof lights, and some bloke was digging up the hardwood tiles in the assembly hall… outside the grass was knee high, the trees uncut and the tarmac splitting with weeds.
The stained glass window was mostly in multi coloured shards on the floor – the altar had gone but left an image of the cross in the paint on the wall – weird and worthy of a double take..but not as weird as the full size hot air ballooning basket in the music room – god only knows the story behind that one ( and it had gone two days later)
The most moving thing wasn’t the wreckage or the desolate hall or the blinded windows or deserted classrooms– it was of all things the empty cloakrooms, latterly used as table tennis areas, with all the screw holes for the hooks in their rows still in the plaster – moving because the memory that came back most strongly in that ruined place was the pristine order of that room, once filled with perfect ranks of dark blue raglan raincoats, and my hook ( third one in by the door) …………… very long ago…….. yep, time like an ever rolling stream……..
(and some bastard seniors pinched the plastic key and chain out of the pockets on day 2)
As for nostalgia, if anyone feels particularly mawkish and blubbery now, have a read of the abbreviated but otherwise unchanged ending of Tom Brown’s Schooldays below – it might strike a nostalgic chord, and don’t worry , you don’t have to write a book review this time……….

Mark "last man out" Brennan 1969er

Caution – very high sentiment content : do not read unless feeling nostalgic!

 He walked quickly through the quadrangle…..
The longing which had been upon him and driven him thus far, like the gad-fly in the Greek legends, giving him no rest in mind or body, seemed all of a sudden not to be satisfied, but to shrivel up and pall. "Why should I go on? It's no use," he thought, and threw himself at full length on the turf, and looked vaguely and listlessly at all the well-known objects. And the thought that his sceptre had departed, and his mark was wearing out, came home to him for the first time, and bitterly enough. He would go in and see the place once more, and then leave it once for all. New men and new methods might do for other people; let those who would, worship the rising star; he, at least, would be faithful to the sun which had set.
And so he got up, and walked to the chapel door fancying himself the only mourner in all the broad land, and feeding on his own selfish sorrow. He passed through the vestibule, and then paused for a moment His heart was still proud and high, and he walked up to the seat which he had last occupied as a sixth-form boy, and sat himself down there to collect his thoughts.
And, truth to tell, they needed collecting and setting in order not a little. The memories of seven years were all dancing through his brain, and carrying him about whither they would; while, beneath them all, his heart was throbbing with the dull sense of a loss that could never be made up to him. The rays of the evening sun came solemnly through the painted windows above his head, and fell in gorgeous colours on the opposite wall, and the perfect stillness soothed his spirit by little and little.
 He raised himself up and looked round, and after a minute rose and walked humbly down to the lowest bench, and sat down on the very seat which he had occupied on his first day. And then the old memories rushed back again, but softened and subdued, and soothing him as he let himself be carried away by them. And he looked up at the great painted window above the altar, and remembered how, when a little boy, he used to try not to look through it. And there, down below, was the very name of the boy who sat on his right hand on that first day, scratched rudely in the oak panelling.
And then came the thought of all his old schoolfellows; and form after form of boys nobler, and braver, and purer than he rose up and seemed to rebuke him. Then the grief which he began to share with others became gentle and holy, and he rose up once more, and walked up the steps to the altar...
Here let us leave him. Where better could we leave him than at the altar before which he had first caught a glimpse of the glory of his birthright, and felt the drawing of the bond which links all living souls together in one brotherhood…..

Regarding the webmaster and editor:
By the way, do you remember an incident when we were about 14 when the driver of the 45 bus took exception to you asking him if he could read when he challenged your bus pass. He looked incandescent, you just looked bemused as to why he had taken umbrage... I've never forgotten that! [JG]
Webmaster: My family reckon I haven't changed!

Miscellaneous Stripes in Magenta
Bye, see you in September
Friday July 21st: "Bye, see you in September"
I walked across to my car, arms straining, holding on to a box containing files and other assorted 'stuff' I intended catching up with over the next six weeks; yes, I'm on SUMMER HOLIDAY: my first opportunity to do bugger-all for six weeks since those Sharston days (my summer hols whilst at college were spent pumping petrol). I sat in the car and just relaxed, I started to laugh. Just then, I was the luckiest man alive and I could barely believe it. I started this job as a Learning Mentor in January. For the previous twenty odd years I'd worked for various Social Services departments and had never had more than four weeks holiday a year. Now I was suddenly faced with an almost blank six week calendar (we hadn't even booked a holiday). Do you remember those six week holidays? By the third week I used to cycle to school to see if it was still there, by the fifth week I was getting my uniform out, making sure it still looked scruffy, and the night before we were due back I decided to open "David Copperfield" the book Mr Scrowston insisted had to be read and reviewed over the summer. I wouldn't go so far as to say I was bored shitless but, well, not a lot happened. WELL, IT'S STILL THE SAME...AND IT'S GREAT!!! I did absolutely diddly squat. A trip to Norwich to see family and City get kicked to pieces, another trip to family in a rain sodden Swansea (every year we go on a different week to avoid the still rains) and that's the lot. Living on the Wirral we are surrounded by 'sea-side' and when the weather's hot and bright there's nowhere better. I found pubs I never knew existed, I managed my first round of golf this year, I built a herb garden. I stayed in bed until I wanted to get up, I stayed up until I wanted to go to bed. I got through a quarter of my album collection. I even manage to practice and train so hard I beat the kids at FIFA 2000, once. Sunday September 2nd: the day before school re-opened, my missus said: "don't forget your box under the table". I laughed. I thought of David Copperfield and all those books we had to read and review every bloody year and for once my stomach didn't churn, I didn't go into a blind panic, I didn't think of an illness that could suddenly strike me down so severely I missed the first week of term. No, I just replied: "that's alright, I only brought it home in case I had nothing else to do."

Loz Tottle

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Michael Fox < >
Joey Naughton < >
Steve Law <  >
Henry Dillon <>
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Classified Stripes in Magenta
Against the Odds; the Story of the Hollies FCJ Convent School, 1852-1985
It was Autumn 1989, in a leafy suburb in Manchester and a fine school building was about to go under the wrecker’s ball. The day the school community had dreaded for so long had arrived. The Hollies FCJ Convent School, which had educated girls in Manchester since 1853, was lost to future generations and now the very buildings were to be destroyed. So many struggles for survival had been fought and won down the decades but the final battle was over. The FCJ nuns continued their work elsewhere. The school premises in Fielden Park were empty; the last group of girls had left, staff had moved on and it was time to take the final photographs.
The book ‘Against the Odds’ tells the story of the schools’ struggles, through times of religious upheaval, wars, recessions and massive social and economic changes. It chronicles the good times and the bad times, charting the school’s progress from a few small classrooms in a convent house to a purpose built school that was demolished less than thirty years after it was built. This story, drawing heavily on every Inspection report, will be of as much interest to the sons and daughters of Old Hollies’ Girls as it will be to the school community that has waited for it for over a decade. 2002 is a special year for past pupils and staff of the Hollies. It is the 150th anniversary of the FCJs arrival in Manchester to begin their mission to the Catholic youth of the city. It is fitting that the story of the Hollies should be told to mark that anniversary.
The book will be available Spring 2002 cost circa 10 (possibly less) + P&P all proceeds to the FCJ missions
Serious and less serious adverts carried free of charge to friends of St Augustine's Grammar School.
Please submit to
Births Deaths and Marriages Stripes in Magenta
Births Deaths Marriages Retirements


Mike Fannon 2001 †

Andrew Kay March 2001 †


Andrew Stavordale ('69) to Carol
29th September  2001 in Gretna Green

Letters to Editor Stripes in Magenta
Letters should be addressed to the editor

Dear sir
The web-site is very entertaining, but it is sad to see my elder brother has nothing else to do in his life - a disappointment to the family.
My current situation is married to my first wife, two boys aged 13 and 10, living 8 miles outside Bath. If anyone is down this way drop me an e-mail and I'll buy you a beer. My first career was that of a Food Scientist, cajoled into it one drunken night in the Horse and Farrier by Alan and the, sadly, late Brian Kirwan. The career was as exciting as it sounds. Now I am employed as finance director of a firm of insurance brokers and financial advisers, a surprisingly interesting career. I still keep in touch with Ged Doyle and Tony Flannery. As a result of your web-site I had an e-mail from Andy McHugh. I'll be meeting up with him at the re-union. Andy has also made contact with Jim McCabe, our first form master. I think he will be coming to the re-union.

All the best for now, and Alan, get a job!
Steven Johnston

Dear sir,
Not that I know how to work this thing but Tofty says I should sign in so here I am.
  I can still recite the class register when we were in either Harry Rigby's class or maybe it was Polly Bent Ears! What a sad man I am.  
Mike Fox (Class of ' 66 )

Dear sir,
With special regards to anyone who remembers me, and who knows who regularly removed my academic gown from the ladies' staff toilets and stowed said article below the stage so I wouldn't be suitably attired for daily assembly; much to the Headmaster's dismay.............
M'am (Wythenshawe Mam) Dawson

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