Some Rugby memories

From the class of '75:
Scoring a try in my first rugby game and then never scoring again, in five years of matches.
Losing to Sale, badly, in rugby, after they were allowed to come back from a suspension, for beating up some Manchester Grammar players in the shower after a game
At Burnage, when we only had 7 players show up ... another gallant effort.
Playing at St. Augustine's against a school called Wordly Wardley or something in a heavy fog ... final score was 3-0, I think

The only thing I can recall about rugby was being stuffed 84-0 by St Ambroses and walking off at half time against a hard school in Manchester. As for the latter event we had a full team. We were14 years old. Their 14 year olds could not muster a team so 7 15 year olds turned up instead. We gave them our substitute, Paddy McPartland. We were then subjected to a kicking. At half time we told Richard Scrowston we were not going back on for the second half. We did the usual of clapping the victors off then ran. On Monday morning the lot of us had to stand up in assembly and be humilated. [Nick Moss].

Freezing my balls of in the back division of what must have been the smallest School rugby team ever.[Jon Axon]